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3 Fake News from ‘Kisne Feka Series’ that promoted Hate!

Here are 3 top fake news from the series of Kisne Feka with Fool proof information.


  • Muslims responsible for population explosion in India!
  • Muslims removed the national flag and established an Islamic flag!
  • CM Ashok Gehlot aids in communal riots!

Amid communal tensions in India fake news mongers do not miss a chance to beget hate. However, some may simply buy it like a cat in a sack. Therefore, here are 3 top fake news from the series of Kisne Feka with Fool proof information.

Muslims removed the national flag and established an Islamic flag!

Kisne feka: A video showing people hoisting flags has gone viral across social media. In the viral video, an Islamic flag is installed at an elevation that a group of men is guarding. It is being claimed that the Muslims in Jodhpur removed the National Flag and established an Islamic flag at Jalori Gate in Jodhpur.

Foolproof news: The viral claim is misleading. As per The Print article dated May 3, 2022, members from the Hindu community of Jodhpur alleged that the saffron flag, which had been installed at the statue before Parshuram Jayanti, was removed. This inflamed communal tensions, which led to clashes and stone-pelting, followed by riots, including vandalization. The police responded with a lathi charge and fired tear gas shells.

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According to a video report by ABP News, a saffron flag was placed at Jalori gate circle on Parshuram Jayanti on May 1, 2022. However, members of the Muslim community removed and replaced the saffron flag with an Islamic flag before Eid. This led to the communal clashes, following which a curfew was imposed in Jodhpur. Later, the Islamic flag was eventually replaced by the Tiranga. The police have stated that law and order have been restored after the clashes.

CM Ashok Gehlot aids in communal riots!

Kisne feka: A video of a man getting severely assaulted went viral across social media. It shows a bleeding man being beaten by a group of men as he is dragged across the ground. The incident seems to be taking place in a grocery store. While sharing this video, it is claimed that Muslims openly murdered a Hindu in Jodhpur and Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot cut the internet, providing aid to Muslims.

Foolproof news: The viral claim is false. According to Amar Ujala, the incident originated from an old enmity. The attackers recorded the video and posted it on social media. Kamaljeet is a truck driver from the village of Sultanpur. His father, Rajendra Singh, said that Kamaljeet had left the house after listening to someone’s call. After a while, it was reported that 10-12 miscreants came in two cars near the village’s shops with sticks and sharp weapons and attacked him. Two attackers have been identified from the video. One of them is Rinki (main accused), a resident of Kanipla. While the other is being told of Salempur.

SHO inspector Satish Kumar of Sadhaura police station clarified that only one of the four accused in the case is a Muslim, and the rest are Hindus. Three months ago, Kamaljeet and his associates had beaten Ricky. Later, Ricky kept up the spat and planned the attack.

Muslims responsible for population explosion India!

Kisne feka: A video interview of a man having 15 kids goes viral on social media. A woman reporter, a couple, and some children can be seen in the viral video. The reporter asked the couple how many children they have to which the husband responded that they have 15 children. People on social media shared videos like this in an Indian context and ridiculed Muslims for the population explosion.

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Foolproof news: The viral claim is false. On April 11, 2022, a YouTube channel named Leader TV HD aired the video. The translated caption of the video reads with the hashtag ‘Pakistan,’ ‘How people who reside in slums live.’ The name of the news channel’s website is written at the bottom of the video, which reads,  “www.leader.com.pk.” It is to be noted that .pk domain names are mainly used in Pakistani websites.

The ‘location’ of the track is written as Pakistan.

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