Facts about Whisky Created via AI: Whisky lovers- Are you listening?

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All you need to know about the World’s First AI created Whisky

When we talk about hard drinks, it is impossible to forget the whisky. Earthlings are enjoying the pleasure of whisky since ages.  Well, it is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain.  Initially, Whisky was famous in Ireland and Scotland and then evolved with flavours ingredients from different parts of the World.

Now, Microsoft has decided to bring to Whisky which is created via Artificial Intelligence. Whoa! That sounds amazing.

Here is all you need to know about it:

Recently, Microsoft worked with Finnish Technology Company FourKind and one of Sweden’s most popular distilleries, Mackmyra Whisky, to come up with the World’s first AI created Whisky.

Notably, the system is expected to analyze Mackmyra’s existing recipes, including some award-winning ones, to produce a big bunch of potential recipes.

How Artificial Intelligence technology will work?

Creating Whisky is a difficult task. To make the process simpler and more reliable, Microsoft helped create an AI engine that will help in designing unique recipes that will taste good. Notably, it has designed machine learning models, powered by Azure cloud platform and Azure cognitive services, and fed them with the recipes of Mackmyra, its sales data, and customer preferences to come up with recipes – all based on what kind of cask.

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