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4 Fact-Based News Busting Hoax This Week

Here We Are Delivering Fact-Based News That Went Viral With a False Claim

  • Highlights:
  • ‘Ladki hu, lad Sakti hu’ inspired girls to beat eve teaser!
  • Pro-Khalistani Slogans in Punjab while the PM was on a visit!
  • Indian brother is practicing Sikhism but Pakistani brother convert to Islam!
  • Pics of West Bengal’s rail accident!

As India is heading towards polling in many states, the market of fake news is also not way too far. Therefore, it has become important to deliver fact-based news.

Here we are delivering Fact-based news that went viral with a false claim.

  1. ‘Ladki hu, lad Sakti hu’ inspired girls to beat eve teaser!

News: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra launched a program named ‘Ladki hu, lad Sakti hu’, focusing on women and women empowerment in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh. A video showing a group of girls thrashing some men with sticks has been circulated on social media. It claims that girls were inspired by Priyanka Gandhi’s new campaign. In the clip, girls were covering their heads and faces with cloth.

Fact-based news: While the video was indeed from Uttar Pradesh, it is over 3 years old. The same video was posted by The Times of India, on 10 December 2018 stating that these students were eve-teased by the man. The school authority was ignorant towards the repeated complaints of girls. Therefore, students and teachers were forced to take such action. Moreover, Congress was launched in November 2021.

  1. Pro-Khalistani Slogans in Punjab while the PM was on a visit!

News: The Union Home Ministry has formed a committee to inquire into the lapses in security arrangements during PM Narendra Modi’s visit to poll-bound Punjab on January 5. The prime minister’s Firozpur rally was called off after he got stuck on a flyover for around 20 minutes. Because the road ahead was blocked by the protesters. Against the backdrop of these events, a video of some Sikh bikers was raising slogans like Khalistan Zindabad. As the video went viral, the users hinted this video is from the same day and place where PM Modi’s convoy was stopped.

Fact-based news: The video is certainly not related to Modi’s recent Punjab visit. Several Facebook hints that the original video is from the occasion of Shahidi Jor Mela. It was Kesari march in Fatehgarh sahib. The Shaheedi Jor Mela is held every year from December 25 to 27 in memory of Guru Gobind Singh’s son, Baba Zorawar Singh, and Baba Fateh Singh. They were bricked alive for refusing to accept Islam by the then governor of Sirhind Nawab Wazir Khan.

  1. Indian brother is practicing Sikhism but Pakistani brother converted to Islam!

News: A video showing a heart-warming reunion of two brothers meeting after 74 years long separation in Kartarpur Sahib Corridor, making rounds on social media. The two brothers, one from Pakistan and the other from India, were separated during the Indo-Pakistan partition in 1947. Now, it is being claimed that the brother who stayed in India continues to practice Sikhism while the brother who went to Pakistan had to convert to Islam.

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Fact-based news: Alt News interviewed one of the co-founders of Punjabi Lehar, Nasir Dhillon, who debunked the viral claim. Dhillon confirmed that both the brothers are Muslims. The younger brother Habib was an infant of six months old and had gone with his mother to Phule during partition when the civil war broke out between the two countries. Their was father killed in the violence, and four years later, their mother also committed suicide. He further added that Habib is also known as Sika Khan in his village, but his birth name is Habib.

  1. Pics of West Bengal’s rail accident!

News: On 13 January, 12 bogies of the Bikaner-Guwahati Express derailed in West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri. At least 9 passengers lost their lives, and over 50 passengers are said to be injured in this incident. Meanwhile, images of derailed trains have gone viral on social media. The photo is being shared, claiming that they are recent pictures of the train accident in Jalpaiguri.

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Fact-based news: A news report of Daily mail dated 25 May 2015 reads, Rourkela-Jammu Tawi Muri Express got derailed near Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh. In this accident, 4 people died, and over 50 passengers were reportedly injured.

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