Facing Problem in falling asleep? Your Bedroom needs a makeover

Try these easy techniques for a peaceful sleep

These days a lot of people are suffering from insomnia and lot of other sleeping disorders. If you are tired of taking medicines and therapies, then we have got a new solution for you guys. Earlier, bedrooms were used to be a place where you would simply turn in at the end of the day and not visit again till the next night. These days we have turned them into full entertainment centers with T.V’s, phones and tablets all thrown into the mix. If you are not making your bedroom the best setting for your sleep you may be neglecting your health.

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Sleep enhances your productivity!

Who doesn’t want to be productive? In order to be more productive take good sleep guys. There is no other way around it, sleep is the true way to repair and rejuvenate your body. When you deprive your body sleep you are basically telling it that some sort of external trauma must be happening or otherwise, you would fall asleep.

When your stress hormones are elevated over the long term they can cause a lot of pretty nasty effects in the body including: Anxiety, Headaches and dizziness, increased heart, rates trike, Hypertension, Digestive disorders etc. When you do start to sleep better you can see all areas of your health improve.

This is how your environment affects your sleep!

Our environments affect so much of our lives and you might not always be aware of that. It can be unintentional. There are many factors that impact our ability to get decent sleep including Temperature, Noise, Light, Bed comfort, Electronic distractions. Even just the occasional car honk can cause more sleep disruption than continuous noise.

Give makeover to your bedroom

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Ideal Bedroom to sleep!

Create an ideal bedroom to sleep!

1. Lighting: If you can get dimming lights that make it easier to decrease the brightness later into the day. If you do not have this you will want to turn off overhead lights and just use a small bedside lamp with a soft glowing bulb. You do not need to turn your room into the red light district but the warmer the bulb glow the more conducive to sleep it will be.

2. Curtains: Proper curtains are important. You want to get your room as dark as possible. Darkness stimulates melatonin production in the brain and the more it’s exposed to light the more melatonin is suppressed. This is why avoiding electronics late in the day is important as they emit blue light which prevents this melatonin release.

3. Room color: It matters a lot. You want to create a sense of calmness and color can help with that. Before we talk about colors, this is why you may be better off removing things like computers or exercise equipment from your room if you have them. It can cause distractions. These things tend to not be related with being calm and you want to avoid reminders of stress. Color wise the most soothing type colors to create a good environment include: Lavender, Pale grey, Cool blue,pink, Beige.

4. Temperature: It may seem appealing to have a warm room as that may make your drowsy to sleep better but that’s actually not an ideal temperature. Your room should be on the cool side. Your body temperature naturally drops as your drift off to sleep so keeping a cooler room can help jump start the process, make it easier to fall asleep, and help you get a deeper sleep.

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