How Facebook and Twitter are ruining our careers?

Social Media enthusiasts beware, Facebook & Twitter are ruining our careers

In today’s ever moving world when technology and social media are a major part of our lives, can you imagine how it can affect one’s career? Yes, it’s true Facebook & Twitter are ruining our careers.

Well, on one hand where these social media platforms have made it easier for people to stay in touch with their family and friends, at the same time they are playing a huge role in drifting the loved ones apart. Lost in the fantasies of the virtual world, people today have forgotten how it feels to connect with others personally and develop an emotional bond with them.

Just not your personal life but it affects your professional life equally. Not to forget that Social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter acts as a mouthpiece where information shared for just fun could be harmful to your employment status depending on your friend list.

Facebook & Twitter
Excessive Facebook usage could ruin your life

Excessive posting can be hazardous

Posting inappropriate pictures or sharing any protected information, even by mistake could result in you losing your job. Even amendments won’t be able to save you from being jobless at that time.

Believe it or not, Social media is an addiction. People get addicted to social media very easily and then getting rid of this addiction is next to impossible. People get bound to visiting their Facebook account or Twitter handle once in a while.

Just before going to bed, or just after waking up, even during 2-3 minutes break in office, instead of relaxing their muscles and brain cells, people are more interested in knowing what is going on in others’ lives.

Being curious is healthy, but being neglectful is not. People do neglect their work assigned during office hours just to check their social media accounts or post some not so important status. Mind it we get paid for getting some work done, not for laying around lazily without being productive.

In the nutshell, social media addiction could leave one jobless, so better leave the virtual world and make something worth of your life by working properly.

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