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Facebook to launch camera first format, similar to Snapchat

The social media is not leaving any stone unturned in order to attract its users. As a result Facebook Inc. is now developing a stand alone camera which would encourage its 1.6 billion users to create, and share more videos and photos.

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Camera is said to be similar to photo app Snapchat, and an addition to this app would allow user to record a video to begin live streaming.

However, the spokesperson denied to comment on the product plans and said the overall level of sharing on Facebook was strong and “similar to levels in prior years.

This isn’t the first time that Facebook has build an app for sharing, in June 2014 it launched Slingshot, which led users to trade videos and photos that disappeared after 24 hours.

Facebook has also launched photo editing and sharing app called Camera. But both of the apps were dropped because they lacked in gaining attraction.

This approach is different from Facebook’s Instagram image sharing network, which forces the user to go through several steps before posting the picture, which only allow posting well photographed images.

Facebook has faced a decline in sharing since last year, and as an attempt to keep users engaged, it has launched new features like “On This Day,” which lets users relive and share past posts.

But the problem with any new app is that it will face the challenge among users as they are reluctance to download new app.

Facebook itself is against developing new apps, as earlier this month they had an argument with “chatbots” within its messenger app regarding the issue.

Facebook has also shut its apps Creative Labs, and removed three of the unpopular apps from the Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play store, maintaining its stand, to have stand alone apps.

Let’s see how Facebook manages to encourage its users for sharing and will they be able to maintain their promise to develop stand alone apps.

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