Facebook Started A New “Hard Questions” Blog To Openly Discuss About Social Issues

The Goal Is To Have an Open Discussion To Bring A Positive Impact In The World

Facebook has started a new blog known as “Hard Questions” to openly discuss the big issues related to social media and society. It will be an open platform for discussions on various topics and everyone can give feedback and opinions.

Facebook started Hard questions discussion

Facebook Newsroom is the latest initiative by Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg to keep the global community safe.

The discussion will include the following questions and concerns-

  1. How much should the Facebook monitor and remove controversial posts, and who will decide what’s controversial or not?
  2. What should happen to a person’s Facebook page or online identity after they die?
  3. How to make sure that social media support democracy in a good way?
  4. How to use data for public good without breaking people’s trust?

The most important topic for discussion will be Cyber Terrorism. Facebook has taken a clear and strong stand against terrorism. Mark posted on Facebook that “One hard question is how to fight terrorism effectively while protecting people’s privacy — and write now we are doing that in a couple of ways…”

Facebook has a team that reviews reports about terrorism and posts that support terrorism. They remove such content as soon as they get a report but they want to improve the system that deals with such issues to fight terrorism.

It is an on-going effort and anyone can raise questions or give opinions on the Facebook Newsroom.

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