Facebook Family Meeting!

Facebook Family Meeting!

For the first time ever, a non- virtual meeting of a‘Facebook family’ will be held on November 15th 2014. This particular Facebook family, or group of strangers who became close friends online have decided to meet in person.

Facebook Family Meeting!

Facebook helps you connect with family. Picture Source : Facebook screenshot

It will be for the first time that more than 500 people of a 5000- strong virtual family will come face to face and would get a chance to communicate. People not only from India but also from abroad will be present at the event.

The family is called `SSFB, they got connected on the Facebook page of Sanjay Sinha and now that they have developed long lasting relationships with each other, they want to humanize the interaction.

Facebook Family Meeting!

Finding a family on facebook. Picture Source : Facebook screenshot

This all started a year back when Sanjay Sinha turned to Facebook after the sudden demise of his younger brother. He started posting heartfelt incidents on Facebook and each of his posts focused on human relations and emotions.

Interestingly, at the initial stage there were only 28 friends in Sanjay’s friend list and in a short period of time, he made over 5000 friends. They share their experiencesand even their problems with each other albeit on a virtual platform.

Sanjay Sinha, the excited head of the family, said that every member of the family is really excited at the prospect. He further added that most of them have already booked their tickets. The entire event is being planned on FB and it is being hosted by his Facebook siblings.

Facebook Family Meeting!

Sanjay Sinha with Shah Rukh Khan, Picture Source: Facebook page of Sanjay Sinha

“On the occasion we will release a book which is compiled of some of my posts and it will be released by my Facebook mother. There are no VIPs invited as everyone is a VIP in my family”, says Sanjay Sinha.

This kind of an event in such a busy schedule of life is really mesmerizing.
The people who are initiating this event are proving to the world that relations are not just of blood but that they canalso be formed online.

Sanjay says that it is history in the making and that he is really excited to meet his family face to face.

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