Face Yoga for Beginners: What is it & benefits of practising it

What is Face Yoga? Poses that can bring glow on your skin

Face Yoga for beginners: Face yoga can tone your muscles and is a way to showcase your inner health and state of mind on your skin. We have various aspects of health which include physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual. Yoga is a form of holistic health, which takes care of all these different aspects. Face yoga helps the blood to flow and improves circulation within the body.

Face Yoga

How it eliminates toxic waste? 

Hence, it eliminates toxic waste and purifies the system both from inside and out.  Let us understand what is face yoga? Here, we have listed out important pointers for beginners. Actors like Bipasha Basu and Deepika Padukone too practice it on a regular basis!

Yoga improves digestion by removing stomach-related problems like improper bowel movement and indigestion. Yoga enhances your health, builds immunity, and keeps many diseases away.

Face Yoga – The Secret of glowing skin

Let us discuss Face Yoga that will make you look beautiful. Face Yoga can help you to remove the problems like wrinkles and acne. Let us know about these face yoga in detail.

 Warm-up the muscles: First of all it is important that you warm up your facial muscles before doing face yoga. So that due to sudden stress there is no strain in any muscle. To warm up, open your mouth as wide as you can and stick out your tongue. During this, open your eyes as wide as possible. Keeping this position, move the pupils of your eyes to the right and sometimes to the left. That is, make eye movements while keeping the face still. After staying in this position for at least 2 minutes, relax the face and then practice in the same way. You can do this 3 times.

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  1. It’s important to work on your cheeks: After the eyes and mouth, now focus on your cheeks. The method described here can increase the elasticity in the muscles of the cheeks. This will help in keeping the skin tight and wrinkle-free. You can do these exercises:

a) First of all, inflate your cheeks while filling the air in your mouth. Now, lightly massage the swollen cheeks with the help of fingers. While massaging, cover both the cheeks completely.

b) Now, remove the air from the mouth and bring the cheeks to the normal position and massage again with light hands. By doing this the muscles will relax. You can follow this process up to 5 times.

  1. Work on your Jawline: You can adopt this face yoga to sharpen your jawline and remove the wrinkles. According to the pose given in the photo, pull the chin upwards with your index finger. Stay in this position for one to two minutes. Then relax the muscles. Repeat this pose with the same method. While relaxing the muscles, remove your finger and come back to the normal position. Then with your fingers, gently massage the neck upwards. Do not pull the neck upwards while massaging.

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  1. Kiss and smile to tighten the skin of the mouth: Place your fingers on either side of the mouth and then move the fingers in a circular motion (clockwise). During this, the teeth have to be kept closed. Allow the muscles to relax after moving the finger once clockwise and once anti-clockwise. Do this process again after a few seconds. Apart from this, make a kiss pose and then smile. Do this continuously for 2 to 3 minutes.
  1. Facial yoga reduces stress: Due to the increased load and management challenges during work from home, there is tension all the time. This stress is taking a toll on our facial cells as well. Because of this, your skin might look tired and lose most of the time. To avoid this problem, you relax the muscles of the forehead.

Note :  Before practicing do the face muscles warm-up exercise. You can try these poses and it will surely give you benefits. 

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