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Indigo Pilot Is winning hearts with his gesture, Men who went extra mile for Love!

Here are some instances where people have gone an extra mile for love

Gone an extra mile for love!: How far have you gone to express your love? Maybe head to the airport to stop the love of your life from leaving? Or fight from all the obstacles, and ask her out? Perhaps these are too filmy.

However, love does not demand grand proposals, risking lives, or fighting goons. You do not have to cover seven oceans to express it. Just walking an extra mile will be enough.

The theory has been proved by an IndiGo pilot who chose an extraordinary way to welcome her wife on the flight. Alneez Virani, a commercial pilot at IndiGo airlines, made a special announcement for her wife, Zahra. He mentioned her presence in the sweetest way possible. Zahra recorded her reaction and posted it on social media. Since then, netizens have been awestruck and cannot stop praising the gesture.

This was the special announcement for the pilot’s special passenger.

“I would like to take this opportunity to make a special announcement. Some days, I get a special flight, and today is one such flight. I have a special passenger on this flight. I have the privilege of flying my wife to Mumbai. “It is just a small thing for everybody, but it means a lot to me. Just wished to share the happiness with all of you on board,” he concluded. Alneez was heard saying over the flight intercom in a video his wife later shared online.

This was not the first time someone had gone an extra mile for love. Here are some incidents where people shared their story where their partner had gone an extra mile for love. And you’re gonna love it.

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A Quora user hailed her husband’s small efforts in day-to-day life.

What more does a girl want?

This is about my boyfriend: He is not so good at expressing his feelings, but his gestures say how much he loves me. He never opens the cab door for me, but he makes sure that he is at the vehicle side when we walk on the road. He never misses a single cricket match, but when I cook, he makes sure that he stands beside me and helps in roasting the chapatis, checking the scores on his mobile. He never calls me first, but when he sees a single message or missed call from my number, he immediately leaves all his work and calls me back to check whether I am OK. He never calls my father “YOUR FATHER.” He refers to him as papa. Sometimes, I get confused about whether he is talking about his father or mine! He never surprises me with sudden visits to my place, but he makes sure that he is never late for a date. He does not like pineapples, but I love them, so he buys them all the time for me. He loves non-veg, but he knows I cannot stand the smell, so he never orders non-veg food in a restaurant. Most importantly, he listens to me and never forces his decisions on me!

What more does a girl want!

I go to the parlour every 15 days coz it makes my wife happy

They say when a spouse argues with you, they do it out of love and care. And taking the first step makes all the difference. Sales manager Rohit Awasthi heeded his fiancé’s advice after a minor tiff. “As my work needs a lot of running around, I never bothered about my appearance. My fiancé, Roshini, was always unhappy with me for the same. So once, I went to the parlour and got a pedicure and manicure done. This soon became a ritual for me, and now, I go to the parlour every 15 days. It made her happy, and I feel great too.”

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I am a terrible cook, but gave a shot for her

It is the simple things that turn a frown into a smile. Pradeep PG, a marketing manager in an IT company, decided to surprise his girlfriend with a special meal when she was in a bad mood. “She loves Mexican food, and unfortunately, I am a terrible cook. But I wanted to make her happy, so I tried my hand at cooking and made her favourite dish, Guacamole. She could not stop smiling when she saw me serving her the dish.”

Do you have an incident when your partner has gone an extra mile for love?

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