Experiencing Hair loss Post COVID 19: Experts share tips to control hair fall

Hair loss Post COVID 19: What do experts have to say?

It’s been more than a year and we are still stuck in the pandemic. COVID 19 has claimed many lives all across the globe. According to experts, the third wave will soon hit India. But the disease has long term impacts.  Corona survivors are facing hair loss issue.  Dozens of people have posted about hair loss post- COVID 19 recovery. As per experts, the physical and emotional stress that accompanies the case of COVID 19 may lead to a reversible hair loss condition called Telogen Effluvium(Often temporary). 

Well, we all know hair loss is scary and emotional.  Studies have shown that among long–haul symptoms like fatigue, coughs and muscle aches, hair loss been reported by a large number of people. According to a report, hair loss searches on Google has increased by 8 per cent in the last 12 months. Doctors reported a lot of people are visiting them with the same problem.

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Is Hair Loss  Post – COVID symptom?

Many people took to their social media to share their hair loss problem after recovering from COVID 19. Experts believe that this condition occurs due to emotional and mental stress. Though hair loss can happen after an infection or surgery, let us understand is it related to COVID 19 or not? As per experts, there is no biological connection between Corona and Hair loss. But hair loss happens due to the stress that the body goes through during COVID 19. Also, Pandemic stress has taken a toll on people’s health and which is leading to more hair fall.

Well, we all know hair loss can have an adverse impact on our mindset. It can take away one’s confidence. And the problem has become gender-neutral. A lot of men shed their hair in their early years. In that case, a lot of people seek solutions how to control hair fall. This has increased during the corona crisis.   A lot of Indian celebrities have also shared natural tips to control hair fall post-COVID 19.

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Experts Share tips to control Hairfall:

  1. Include Proteins in your diet. Intake of pulses and high protein food can help in combating the problem.  Eggs, Almonds, Oats, Broccoli, Milk, and Pumpkin seeds all are a great source of proteins that you can include in your diet.

2. Contact a dermatologist. It is important to consult a dermatologist because they will be able to guide you better. As we all know prevention is better than cure. It might be a temporary phase but taking advice will give you assurance.

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  1. Meditation and Yoga can help a lot

Yoga is about aligning your body, soul and mind.  Meditation keeps your mind calm and helps you to de-stress.  The main reason behind hair fall is stress. In that case, Yoga will help you to keep stress at bay. Thus, less or reduced hair fall.

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  1. Consume Hair Supplements

Along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can also consume hair supplements such as Biotin or Vitamin E to control hair fall. Please note: Do not consume any supplements without taking advice from a dermatologist.

  1. Go Natural

Malaika Arora had got COVID infection during the first wave of Corona. While recovering, she took to social media and reported about her massive hair fall. She decided to share her secret remedy for post covid 19 hair loss. Applying onion juice two or three times a week on your scalp can help in reducing hair fall. The actress shared it on her Instagram account and urged people to try it.  Onion juice makes hair strong and also promotes hair growth.

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