Experience on Matrimonial Site: Man bared his heart & it might scare you!

Experience on Matrimonial Site: Man shared a horrific experience of finding a partner on a Matrimonial site and it made us think Itna Muskhil hai Kya finding the perfect match!


· Man on internet shared is experience of meeting women on Matrimonial site

· What is Arranged dating?

Man shared experience on  matrimonial site : Today, finding the right partner is a tough task. A lot of times, we might meet the right one at work, through social circle or even at matrimonial sites. Today, matrimonial sites have become a great medium to meet your right one. With a plethora of options available, you can simply get yourself registered and talk to people at your ease. There are many success stories but not all get fairytale romance at matrimonial sites. A man on the internet shared his experience of meeting women on a matrimonial site and it might scare you.

We are not saying that don’t give arranged dating a shot but it is extremely important to draw healthy boundaries.

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Let us take a look at his experience:

The man took to Quora and shared his experience. Notably, it was a great eye opener and humorous too. He revealed that he met a lot of women and his experience was not so good. He shared a series of incidents and we would like you to read it.

The over possessive one/the one who Could not Handle Me busy for one day

He revealed, “Our family met each other and left it on us to decide. She lived in Pune and we met 8 times there. I was taken to all high end restaurants in Pune, however, I was the one paying all the bills every time. I ended up spending some 30 to 35K on the girl. We used to talk everyday. One day, I was stuck at work and when I showed up all I heard was – Where were you? She wasn’t just not ready to understand. I am glad that I didn’t work out.

The girl who thought 12 P.M actually meant 4 P.M

We met and our families liked each other. I was then asked to go to Bangalore to meet her. I obliged and went there and guess what! She was late for the meeting. Had it been 15 minutes late or some 30 minutes late I would have been fine but she was 4 freaking hours late. It was a major turn off for me as someone who is not bothered about my time, how she will spend entire life with me?

The girl who disappeared and never called back

We liked each other and chatted for a while. She told me that she will call me to take things further. Guess what? She never called and didn’t even give reason.

The girl who wanted an Ambani of South Delhi: Her parents asked me for 6 months bank statements, IT returns and instructed me to purchase a flat in Mumbai before the marriage happened so that they were sure of the girl’s financial security. It was surprising to me because this was coming from somebody who earned a mere 2 lakh per annum and expected the guy to buy a 2 Crore flat in Mumbai.

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The feminist who could not take her wallet out of her bag

Feminist was written all over her social media accounts. Apparently, she believed in equality but when it came to paying bills, I was expected to pay. I am glad, I didn’t fall for her because Sirf Keh dene se Koi Feminist Nhi Ho Jaata.

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