Expenses you need to stop paying for!

Unfortunately, some expenses like your cell phone bills, food expenditure and college fees are unavoidable. But there are some other sneaky item expenditures you can entirely cut from your monthly budget.

  • Your landline

Many households like have landline for emergencies, but isn’t it a lot of money to dish out on a phone you don’t use often? I suggest you take off your landline and instead opt for internet calling or phone booths for emergencies.

  • Car Pool

Car service expenses and insurance payments cannot be avoided, but you can save up on fuel. Delhi public transport is commendable, metro and buses and fast and readily available and so are car pooling services. Opt for car pooling services, they let you ride and earn at the same time.

save money

  • Extended warranties

When you are shelling out big bucks on a new appliance you may be tempted to cover your appliance with an extended warranty from that store, which most of the time go to a waste since the quality of repair and timely repairs aren’t guaranteed but they end up costing us almost 30% of the cost of the appliance. Take the risk and do not invest in extended warranties.

  • Cable T.V.

It is noticed that youth now hardly watches television, instead follow up their favorite T.V. shows and news over the internet according to their time preference. Why pay for something just for the sake of having it or status symbol, cut off your cable T.V. and save up on big money.

This is the generation of smart living, we need to get rid of things we no longer use and move on to better faster and cheaper resources, which cannot be understood better than the youth who survives on pocket money and small wages. I hope you all agree.

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