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Exercising Free Will to choose Abundance

How you can deliberately choose Abundance by exercising Free Will?

Simply put, Abundance is a state of contentedness.  It is a state, where one realizes and feels content about the different aspects and facets of life – living conditions, food, health and healthcare, relationships, safety, and fulfilment of all physiological needs, comforts and others.

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This state cannot be quantified in terms of how big a house is, how many cars do you have or how many jewelleries do you own?  After all, how much is sufficient?  Is the quantum one has to leave, one feels dissatisfied and wanting more? Is it a question of vanity – Ego – having more than the next person, and/or is it a safety – Ego issue? Both ultimately are the same, safety, which is Ego.  Even discussing education – is it pertaining to the quality of education – keeping in mind the career goals of the child or for the child, or is it simply a matter of finding the most expensive school?

Every aspect of our desires has a number of questions associated with it pertaining to the cause of the desire, which needs to be examined, and will be discussed later.


That said- the bottom line is to live abundantly, one has to bring in contentedness. 

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With all the bombardment of advertisements of vehicles, luxury goods, travel destinations (pre and post-COVID), and availability of such a plethora of goods and services, desire to keep up in society, and other things, how then does one bring in contentedness?  It appears as the near-impossible task, right?

However, entering a state of contentedness is very possible and doable.  It starts with Free Will, which enables us to exercise our choice.  The choice always being between that which feels right in the core of our being – Love, and that which keeps us or puts us in a state of panic, anxiety, lacks, scarcities, competition, anger, frustrations, basically fear in general.

As discussed in my article – We are all Vibrations, the space of Infinite love – of creation, of non-judgment, of abundance is what we call God, which also happens to be the very core of our existence, our being, and the energy here is- Love

This love is unconditional, in the sense, it does not ask for anything in return, does not tell us how to improve ourselves.  It just loves us unconditionally as we are, Period.

In life, we always have a choice – a choice to live in Love, or live in Fear.  Each carries vibrational energy of its own, attracting it’s like in our lives.

This is where free will comes into play.   It is the liberty to choose to think and do something or not, which has been bestowed upon us by God (or for the non-believers – the energy which makes up the Universe, animate and inanimate).

Some choices we exercise give us a temporary high, with a lot of hindsight to follow, like for example for those who drink alcohol, having a wild night and really getting sozzled.  However, when they wake up the next day, usually, it is accompanied with a massive hangover, acidity, etc., with a feeling of wanting to crawl into a cocoon, and, generally feeling hopeless.

So this drinking bout also gave a massive high, followed by a massive low. Thus, one can safely say that this high was self-negating, or even negative in the long-run – what with associated health risks like liver failure.

This was a choice exercised by Free Will.

Here it is good to clarify that drinking is not bad or low vibrational in energy.  After all, as famously quoted 500 years ago by Paracelsus, a Swiss Physician, “All things are poison and nothing is without poison; only the dose makes a thing not a poison.”

Talking of drinking, say the person had a small drink (by this, I am not proposing that one has to drink or not, merely an observation), in convivial company, had a good time, and through her or his actions, did not hurt anyone, and as a result those involved all were happy, and as a result of the small drink, it didn’t bring a hangover with it, the person also has a good following day, being the merrier for the experience, even going so far as to generate goodwill among friends.

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This is also a choice exercised by Free Will.

This applies to all aspects, like getting into an argument, attempting to win at all costs, doing something to demean someone, harming someone, stealing, cheating, lying, treating others, including society, Mother Nature, etc. with disdain, and thus exercising a low vibration Free Will Choice, or doing things in high vibration, as discussed previously in Living Vibrationally.

Since we know that what goes around, comes around, or like Jesus said – Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you, applies not only to humans, but to animals, our environment, the world and the Universe at large.  It pertains to the energy we are exuding or sending out.

Every thought, every action of ours is like a tiny or large seed we are planting in the garden, which is our lives.  If we want green grass, flowers, sweet fruits to grow, beautiful trees to give us shade from the sun or the rain, we will have to plant appropriate seeds.  These seeds in our cases are our thoughts and actions.

Thoughts of joy, of feeling happy for others in their joys and successes, of being in Gratitude to the Creator, to the people (without exception) in our lives, to the food, the shelter, etc. provided to us, to feel content with this gratitude, to live feeling good in general, starts shifting our energy from lacks and scarcity to that of plenty or Abundance.

This is another exercise of Free Will

First observing our thoughts and actions, and realizing their energy is the first step, which is more than half the work done.

Exercising Free Will to then start shifting our thoughts, one thought, one action at a time, starts sending signals to the Universe that we are ready to live in Abundance.  This, in turn, starts bringing in experiences of more happiness and Abundance.

It all start using our Power of Thoughts to exercise our Free Will. 

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