Exam Tip: Make Self Study your cup of tea!

Make self study more interesting: Here is how?

Self- study is always an appropriate method for study. It is the oldest and best method for studying. With countless innovations in technology, self study is something that has become feasible. Students are no longer confined to classrooms. While a classroom can never be totally replaced, the trend of self study is picking up fast as well. There are a lot of institutions that offer online courses making it all the simpler.

Self –Study

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Self-studying and taking courses online can help a student’s chances of college admission. College authorities will be happy to see that students have taken initiatives beyond the curriculum and gone beyond conventional methods of learning. Self study is the best method to get things sorted. Well, with the passage of time everything has been dominated by technology and self study is not out of the box.

Self –Study

Here are few tips on how to make your study simple and interesting.People mostly consider self study as a boring and irritating job when they start off. But if one gets stick to self study he/she may explore the huge benefits of it.

1. Hacks of making self study interesting: Buying story books and magazines do not mean you have to waste your precious time. The idea of reading story books or magazine is just to make you get used to the idea of reading. Group studies are highly distracting.

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2. Set a target to achieve: You should set a target that you have to beat the topper of the class or you have to be the topper of the class. When you set a goal, you start working with more power than ever before. It will push you to do self study because toppers are the ones who do a lot of self study. Self study makes you more knowledgeable guys. Additionally, set small targets, like how much of the syllabus, or what are the topics you will cover within a particular time.

3. Study timing is important: Just because you are at home, it does not mean there is no schedule. You should choose only that time where no one can disturb you or no one can come to help you. Let’s say if you are studying in the evening then it may not be the right time as this is when guests or friends come in to hang out.

Late nights and early morning is considered best for people who want to study at peace. Late night studies are best for students to study or do work because it’s a peace period.

4. Decide what to study beforehand: Most of the times we are sure of studying, but we are not sure as to what to cover first and what to keep for the next day. In fact the first half an hour or so is lost in analyzing this.

The solution for this problem is to assign yourself a task that you have to do before sitting down to study.

5. Take a Walk: When you are studying a lot, your body needs to get some fresh air from the nature, and of course morning walks can give you that fresh air. And also when your body releases sweat then each part of the body starts working functionally. It also increases your sitting power. Avoid being inside it’s better to be part of outside activities.

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