Ex- US President’s photographer of America trolled Donald Trump


Obama’s Whitehouse photographer trolled Donald Trump on Instagram

This is not the first time earlier also, Barack Obama’s Whitehouse photographer, Pete Souza had trolled Donald Trump on the Instagram. It’s just been two weeks since Pete Souza is using his new account and it seems he is really to troll Donald Trump. Before Barack Obama, he has photographed Reagan and always quoting saying that his job was to document history and never so much about politics.

Donald Trump, US President

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But now his pictures can very well be interpreted politically given to the circumstances and its perfect timing. Trump very well knows how to remain in limelight. There were a lot of questions raised on Trump’s sexist remarks and him preferring his female staffers to ‘dress like a woman’ and the huge crowd at the Women’s march, Souza made a point by posting a picture of Obama with top advisors.

The picture reveals only the shoes of the four photographed shows one pair of feet (Obama’s) has on men’s shoes and a suit, and the other three pairs have on skirts and heels. Making the point on gender equality bang on. Well, people are really appreciating his move. Equality really bang on.

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What he captioned the picture?

He posted this interesting picture on his instagram account and captioned it, “Meeting with top advisors. This is a full-frame picture. I guess you had say I was trying to make a point.” This is not the first time he had trolled Donald Trump publicly earlier also he has done the same work like this. The day when Donald Trump signed the controversial executive order about the ban on immigrants, Souza posted a picture of Obama with a school kid wearing hijab. And he captioned it, “Talking with a young refugee at a Dignity for Children Foundation classroom in 2015.”

According to the recent research, many Americans want Obama to come back. This was also revealed by Souza. He has posted lot of pictures of ex -president Obama with his children. In most of the photos, the diversity of the country is evident, children of all race and colour have been featured along with Obama.

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