Everything you need to know about Wireless Charging- The Future

The Convenient, Safe and Reliable Way to Charge Your Devices

The one bit of transformational technology in the mobile world today is wireless charging. Just as the world got used to searching for charging cables when their batteries are about to die, technology came to their rescue. Samsung launched this new feature on its Galaxy S8 devices and since then it has been a trend in the mobile industry.

Wireless Charging

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With this new feature, you can just put your phone down at your desk and your phone is good to go after a few minutes. But every coin has two sides and there are a few cons to wireless charging as well.

You cannot pick up the phone from the pod while it is charging because it needs to be in contact with the pod to charge. Also, studies suggest that its charging is slower as compared to charging by a chord.

Wireless charging is now a part of everyone’s checklist of things to have on a new device, from smart watches to mobile phones, tablets, and portable Bluetooth speakers.

Despite being in the industry for a few years already, wireless charging still hasn’t become a must in the gadget market. Perhaps some of the new ideas and improvement towards the development of this technology will push wireless charging into the main stream.

Imagine how amazing it would be to just put your hardware down in a pod and when you pick it up after a few minutes it is charged! Isn’t it simply magical!

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