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Major Events that made headlines in 2021

Important Events that made headlines in 2021

With 2022, right around the corner, we are all ready to welcome New Year with new beginnings, fresh hopes, and positivity. Therefore, let us rewind 2021, and take a look at the events that dominated the headlines in the year 2021.

Rewind 2021: A dark day for America

On January 6, thousands of Trump supporters stormed the United Capitol building and interrupted congress as they counted electoral votes to prevent it from ratifying president Joe Biden‘ s victory. The chaos and mayhem led to the death of five people. Moreover, dozens were arrested. The incident spread shockwaves across the country and all across the globe. People called this day ‘A dark day for America’.

Rewind 2021: Dead bodies piled up as second wave gripped India

Earlier this year, India faced a severe second wave of the coronavirus, which brought the country’s healthcare system to its knees. Doctors called this second wake tsunami as the dead body piled up in mortuaries, crematoriums, and burial grounds. By late May, around 27 million infections were confirmed and more than 3,00,000 people had died. However, experts say that the actual figures were most likely much higher.

Rewind 2021: Israel- Palestine conflict took a violent turn

The worst Israeli attack on the Gaza strip since the 2014 war occurred in May this year. It began after Israeli attacks on the AI Aqsa Mosque compound and forced evictions of Palestinians from the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in occupied East Jerusalem. Israel’s bombardment of besieged Gaza killed almost 254 people including at least 67 children and 39 women.

Rewind 2021: World’s coldest regions on fire

The worst spate of uncontrollable and destructive wildfires which killed hundreds and rendered thousands homeless became a global crisis this year. In Turkiye, more than 100 wildfires erupted in late July. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan described them as the “worst wildfires” in the country’s history. In neighbouring Greece and Italy more than 500 fires forced the evacuation of hundreds of people.  California’s Dixie Fire became the second-largest in California’s history. The Dixie fire burnt nearly 1 million acres in an area larger than New York City, Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles combined.

Rewind 2021: Afghanistan back under the Taliban rule

The Taliban took over Afghanistan’s capital Kabul for the second time in 25 years on August 15 toppling Ashraf Ghani’s government. By the end of August, the US completed its chaotic, and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan ending the country’s longest war. During America’s 20 years of war, more than 147000 people died including 48000 Afghan civilians. By the end of 2021, 3.5 million Afghans were internally displaced within the country and more than 2.6 million Afghans had become refugees.

Rewind 2021: Indians named in Pandora paper leak

The pandora papers have named 300 Indian individuals including Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Ambani, Neerav Modi, Jackie Shroff, Aishwarya Rai, and many others. Millions of leaked documents dubbed as the pandora papers by a worldwide journalistic partnership on October 3, claimed to have uncovered financial secrets of current and former world leaders, politicians, public officials in 91 countries and territories including India.

Rewind 2021: Air India returns to Tata after 70 years

Tata Sons won the Air India bid. The airline was founded nearly 90 years back. As the government accepted its winning bid of 18000 crores to acquire 100% of the debt laid by the state-run carrier.

Rewind 2021: 2021 Indian farmer’s Republic Day violence

A tractor march meant to highlight demands dissolved into anarchy on the streets of the national capital on Republic Day this year. Hordes of Rampaging protesters broke through barriers, fought with police, overturned, and delivered a national insult after hoisting a religious flag on the Red Fort. However, the protests ended as the Government of India repealed the 3 farm laws in the parliament.

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