European Day of Languages


On 26 September European Day of Languages is celebrated across Europe. The observance of this day was declared by the Council of Europe on 6 December 2001 at the conclusion of European Year of Languages in 2001.


The objectives of day are:

To create awareness among people regarding the diversity of languages and to encourage plurilingualism and intercultural comprehension


To promote the cultural and linguistic diversity of European nations


To encourage learning of languages both within and outside the school


To emphasis the need to learn other languages besides English


On the day various events are held across Europe. Programs for children are held on radio, television and seminars and conferences are also organized to inculcate the significance of learning languages


There are around 225 languages spoken in Europe which accounts for about 3 percent of the world’s total languages.


European Day of Languages



150 million people speak Russian, 95 million people speak German, 80 million speak Turkish, 65 million speak French and English, 60 million speak Italian, 40 million speak Polish and Spanish, 30 million European speak Ukrainian and 26 million speak Romanian.


English undoubtedly is the most popular European language followed by German, French, Italian and Spanish.


The national language of Malta-the Maltese is the smallest language of Europe.


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