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Essence of lighting an earthen lamp in front of God!

When do you remember god? Here is the essence of lighting an earthen lamp in front of god

Life is not easy, it is full of problems. While some of us are strong believers and try to find solutions by ourselves, but majority of us only turn to God when we are in any sort of trouble – financial, emotional or physical. Well, your love for God should be unconditional. Apart from praying to God directly, there are many other ways to please him and lightning an earthen lamp (diya) in front of him is one such way.

Essence of lighting up an earthen lamp

Always remember that no prayer is complete without lighting a lamp in front of God. Here, are some blessings and boons you will get after offering earthen lamps in front of different Gods.

1. If you or anybody else in your family fall sick frequently and want to keep diseases at bay or want to heal yourself from a debilitating illness, then you should light a lamp in front of a picture of the Sun God every day.

2. If you are finding a partner for yourself or if you want to improve your married life then light up an earthen lamp in front of a Radha Krishna every evening will definitely help you.

3. Nightmares sometimes cause serious problems in sleeping, the lightning of a diya in front of the ‘Panchmukhi’ version of Lord Hanuman will help you sleep peacefully every night that too without fear.

4. If you are suffering from acute financial crunches, then lightning a lamp in front of Lord Kuber in the North direction of your house everyday will solve all your menace. Keep doing this, your finances will get improve.

5. In order to maintain your concentration and peace at your home and workplace, place an isolated of Ganesha. Every day, just before you reach work or head out of home, light up a diya in front of the Lord. This will bring peace and prosperity at your workplace and house.

6. In order to end all domestic disputes from your house and attain peace, then light up a diya every day in front of Ram Darbar.

Essence of lighting
It has enormous benefits

Do’s and Don’ts of lighting up an earthen lamp.

1. Always keep a cloth
Often, while lighting the lamp, we get some oil on our hands. Do not wipe thud pop with your hair on dress this will make you lose wealth. Keep a piece of cloth for this purpose.

2. Cover your head
This is considered as the important ritual in Indian culture, in case you are lightning a lamp straight after taking a bath make sure to cover your heart with towel or dress.

3. Always use mustard oil or ghee to light the lamp only using groundnut or sunflower oil will leave to higher financial loss in your family.

4. North – Lightning a lamp in the North direction brings wealth.

5. East- Light a lamp in the east direction brings good health.

6. West – Lighting lamp in West side will fee you from all sort of dept.

7. South – Never Iight a diya in this portion because it cause financial loss.

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