Essence of celebrating Propose Day, read its history!

Essence of Celebrating Propose Day

Here is how you can celebrate Propose Day differently

Propose your loved one today!

If you are in love, then this week is perfect to express your feelings to your partner. Make him or her realise how deeply you love and care for them. Propose Day is celebrated on February 8 all over the world and it is the second day of the Valentine’s week. On this special day, large number of youngsters give roses, toys and beautiful gifts to propose their significant other or prospective significant other. Well, of course, you people are desperately waiting for the Valentine’s Day, but one should not forget to enjoy the perks of these days as well. Rose Day to kiss day every day has its importance in the Valentine’s week.

Essence of Celebrating Propose Day
Essence of Celebrating Propose Day

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Proposing to someone for whom you have fallen is a bit difficult task. It can be difficult. But if you use the right technique you can definitely win the heart of your partner. Here are some ways to propose your partners.
Marriage proposals are special and in most cases, it happens once in a lifetime. If the two of you have been dating since a while and gradually you have reached a point when you are sure of spending the rest of your life with each other. You want that person in all your good and bad times. Make your proposal unforgettable!

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1.Flash Mob Proposal

This is the most interesting proposal . And we must say this is best kind of proposal. What you have to do is to communicate with his/her friends, family and loved ones and decide on a song and a location. Choreograph the dance, practice it well and give it your best on the day. Make sure your photographer freeze all the beautiful memories in his camera.

2. Candle light proposal

If you are thinking this is very common way to propose the person then you might be wrong. This is evergreen way guys. The good old candle-light dinner proposal can never go wrong. Choose a romantic restaurant and take him/her out on a dinner date. The dim lights of the candles’ flames and the romantic tunes will set the ideal mood for a romantic proposal.

3. Beach Proposal

Yes, this type of proposal has also make its name to the list. If you are a fun couple who loves everything atypical, this would be an exciting way to propose. You can take your partner in a beach during the sunset or sunrise. After a romantic walk, when the sky is orange, you can blindfold your lover and write “Will you marry me?” on the sand in big block letters. So romantic try it at least once.

Celebrate it in typical Bollywood style
Here are few ideas to propose your loved ones

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4. First place where you have met

This idea really works. Choose the place where you people have met for the very first time. Firsts are always special. First date, first kiss, first hug always occupy a significant corner of your heart. So there is nothing better than taking your partner out to the place you had met for the first time. The place holds countless memories and you can recreate similar situations from the first time you were there.

5. Boxed proposal

Very unique but mostly people love this. This is the classic box-inside-box-inside-box proposal. What you have to do is send a huge gift-wrapped box to your lover’s place. Put another box inside the first one, and another inside the second one. Include as many boxes as you like and inside the final one put a ring, with a note saying, “Will you marry me?” isn’t it romantic? Try it!

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