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Engineer’s Day: 10 engineering memes to tickle your funny bones

Being an engineer, if you can’t relate to these memes, you probably missed a lot in college

India celebrates engineering day on every 15th September to celebrate the birth anniversary of Moksagundam Visvesvaraya. Also, known as Sir MV, he is literally the builder of India, the builder of water systems, the builder of dams and more. His efforts saved many people from floods and boosted irrigation facilities. He is remembered as an engineering pioneer in the country whose genius reflected in the building and consolidation of dams and harnessing of water resources.

Engineering since then has attracted many students in big way and large number of students enroll in engineering colleges every year. India is producing around 15 lakhs engineers every year. Apart from a career choice, it is also famous for being but of engineering memes and jokes. Here are some of the funniest engineering memes that will tickle your funny bones.

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  1. If you have been an engineer, you could relate to meme
  2. Thank God! We are memes
  3. This is the answer every engineering students wanted as a weapon against relatives who ask “Beta, Kitne Ghante Padhte Ho’engineering meme
  4. Can feel it, engineering buddies. Every engineering student has the same complaintengineering meme
  5. How people see engineers?engineering meme
  6. So stereotypical! But its true, for family, we are their electrician and mechanic, even though we are learning coding at meme
  7. A true depiction for memes
  8. Not True! In villages, it is said that all the pretty girls get married to either engineers or doctors. Of course, this happens after they find a stable meme
  9. Thok Ke Bhaav Me Mil Rahe Hai memes
  10. We bet, all the engineering students can agree with meme

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