Engineer is back with maggi!

Engineer is back with maggi!

2 minutes maggi is back in the markets! You may have come across lot of maggi lovers but surely this man will blow your mind away.

An engineer student from Delhi, who woke up from five months long coma after taking bite of his favorite noodle maggi.

Aman Gupta is a final year student of engineering and was in coma for last five months when he got know that Maggi is ban in India.

Engineer is back with maggi!


Doctors were unable to find the reason behind his declining health. Some people suggested that he has experienced nervous breakdown because he had recently broke up with his girlfriend. Buthis friends revealed that Aman loves maggi more than her girlfriend and therefore ban on maggi was the sole reason for his bad heath.

As soon as Maggi came back in markets, Aman’s mother cooked it for him and its aroma evoke the Aman from coma. This is what maggi meant to him.

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