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How to Motivate Employees As A Manager With Positive Thinking

Here are a few tips on how to manage your team with positive thoughts!

As we flip our schedules to one more month of our work from home during the pandemic, it’s no big wonder that motivation, performance, and prosperity are difficult for some. Months in, managers need new tools to reboot their groups, to precisely distinguish and analyse repeating struggles, and to kindly assist workers with tending to their issues.

When it comes to organizations, no day is the same as the last one. In any organization, there will be days where the workflow would be outstanding, and there would be days when the environment of your office will be dull.

Everyone has days we complete everything on our list on time, and we experience days where we feel demotivated. Normally the employees face these dips in motivation because of the work environment or workload.

It becomes the responsibility of the manager to come up with ways to motivate employees and their teams. The manager should motivate their employees at work with positive thinking.

How to motivate employees as a manager?

For big business to flourish at this time, it is more significant than ever, to pay attention to employee safety. Here are ways employers can help wellness while motivating their staff during the existing crisis.

  1. Set small, realistic goals 

Many projects that are given to employees take an excessively long time to be accomplished. In projects that just drag on, it is quite normal for the employees to feel demotivated after some time.

To keep the employees motivated, it is always advised to set small and measurable goals. Try to break the bigger tasks into smaller tasks. The employee would strive hard to finish the project quickly so that he can work on the next one.

  1. Acknowledge employee achievements

From childhood, we have seen how acknowledgment helps us work even better the next time. If your parents promise you to get a bicycle if you score good marks, you score even better marks just to be praised for your achievements.

Similarly, as a manager, employees look up to your appreciation for their achievements. If you make it a habit to recognize the things done by your employees, all other employees will feel motivated to get appreciation from you.

  1. Stay positive

Negative emotions always hinder the productivity of an organization. A workplace with a positive environment keeps its employees motivated. Adding positivity in your team interactions is a great way to maintain motivation.

Happiness and positivity play a vital role in the success of your business. To immediately impact your workplace environment, maintain positivity and healthy relationships.

  1. Open Communication

One of the most crucial steps towards employee motivation is the type of communication your organization promotes. If you are open to debates, ideas, and criticism, you can take your organization to new heights.

The employees of any organization find it quite hard to communicate their thoughts to managers. Spend a short period of each day to have a word with your employees. It will make your employees happy and valued.

  1. Friendly competitions

Well, nothing makes a person feel more motivated than organizing friendly competitions at the workplace. A little competition among employees would be a great idea to create a productive environment.

Healthy competitions amongst teams help employees engage and participate with full zeal.

  1. Set an example as a leader

You are the manager of the organization. These employees look up to you for whatever they need. The example you set for them is what they’ll follow. Leaders set the tone for the company.

If you set the example of creating a positive work atmosphere, your employees will follow it. Soon you will see how positivity is filled in your office. Be a leader worth following and make the work culture more motivating.

  1. Don’t keep secrets

Nothing disturbs an employee as much as the fact that their team leaders always hide a thing from them. Always share the bigger picture with your employees. It will generate a larger understanding and better results.

You can help boost motivation in your office by making sure that your team understands how their and your efforts impact the organization.

  1. Envision positive outcomes

Anything that you visualize becomes reality. When it comes to the workplace, it is easier to achieve success when you can envision it. If you provide a clear objective and set the right goals, you have already succeeded halfway.

Encourage your team by telling them what would be the benefits of achieving the objectives. Share the progress of employees and let it set a source of motivation for fellow employees.

  1. Provide a secure environment

Many times, it is seen that employees do not feel secure enough to showcase their full potential. They are too reluctant with the work environment that they are unable to give their 100%. To help employees reach their full potential, a lot of basic needs are required by the people. Once the employees feel secure, they’ll be motivated enough to give their best in any situation.

  1.  Welcome all ideas

Each of your employees has a different background and a different mentality. You can always use this diversity of ideas to strengthen your work environment. Do not shunt away from ideas and suggestions.

Let your employees bring fresh ideas each time. It will make them feel valued and will present more opportunities for your organization. Brainstorming can be your key to success. You cannot always ask your employees to work according to your ideas. Let them open up and communicate.

How to deal with unmotivated employees?

Unmotivated employees constitute a major part of almost all organizations. An employee who would remain unproductive and unenthusiastic will create a dull work atmosphere.

Neither can such employees be left with no work, nor can they be a help to their team. The first step of how to be a good manager at work is to learn and execute ways in which you deal with such demotivated employees.

How to manage a team effectively as a manager?

  • Hire the right candidates. While hiring, check if the person will be able to fit in the work environment of your office.

  • Walk around while employees are working. Even if you are the manager, you need to step out and walk around to keep a track of how smoothly the employees are working.

  • Give your employees clear goals. Let them know the amount of work you want to be done and in how much time.

  • Trust your employees. You don’t need to stand on their head always. If you have allotted them work, trust them that they’ll complete their work on before the deadline.


Now that you know how to motivate your employees in simple 10 steps, you can boost both the productivity and efficiency of your workplace. Be ready to adjust and adapt with time to maintain a positive environment in the office. Always prioritize employee happiness and productivity before anything else.

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