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Emotional Detox: Expert revealed why your body needs it?

We all need emotional detox at some point: Easy ways to detox your emotions

Today, we all focus on looking good but we often forget about feeling good. Whenever we talk about detox – we relate it to our diet, vegetable smoothies and juices that help us to flush out the toxins out from our body. But as they say – If you are not content from within, you wouldn’t glow from outside no matter what. Due to stressful events and imbalanced lifestyle, a lot of times we feel distracted.

If you find yourself overreacting to situations and withdrawing, you might need an emotional detox. We decided to speak to an expert and understand signs that one needs an emotional detox and how one can do it?

Emotional Detox
Emotional Detox is important

Firstly, what is emotional detox?

Basically, emotional detox not only means getting rid of negative emotions, but also clearing the ones that have stagnated. Experts revealed just like the physical detox that helps you digest better, emotional detox helps you to process your emotions better. Notably, emotions can get stuck in our system due to trauma, unhealthy attachments or resistance to certain emotions.

Here is why you should consider going for an emotional detox?

Have you ever felt that you have no control over your emotions and you just want to get rid of the negative emotions that have gotten stuck in your system? If there are times when a minor responsibility or a decision feels overwhelming, it’s time to consider emotional detox.

One needs to understand emotional detox is not to totally get rid of negative emotions as ups and downs are a part of one’s life. It simply means to get rid of the emotions that are no longer serving us.

Finally, the important question – How can you detox your emotions?

There are times when emotional detox becomes the need of the hour but a lot of people don’t know how to go about it. We spoke to Khushii Pathak Mishra, Life Design & Intuitive Business Coach and she shared some valuable pointers with us. Talking about the importance of emotional detox she said, “In the world of all different kinds of detoxes, emotional detox is highly important, when you detox emotions that are stuck in your deep conscious and subconscious mind, you truly cleanse your mind, body and soul!

What happens is the various big and small emotions and trauma we go through in life and don’t deal with remains inside our mind, body and soul. These emotions of hurt, anger, sadness, frustration, loneliness manifest themselves in our life through physical diseases, emotional pain, depression, anxiety and fears.”

So when you work through your emotional cleanse, all your stuck emotions come up and help you clear and heal yourself.

She also revealed the best ways for emotional detox:

1. Awareness that you need to work through your emotions (most people don’t ever understand that they need to work on themselves)

2. Crying is an excellent way to release stuck emotions and heal

3. Meditation is another great way

4. Practising Mindfulness and bringing awareness to the pain inside of you without any judgement and resistance helps the pain dissolve

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5. Working with a coach that incorporates healing and mindfulness as part of their practice helps. Mentors can guide you and help bring out your triggers on the surface to heal them. This is one of the reasons she incorporates emotional, spiritual and healing practices when we work with my clients as it gives the most transformative experience.

 Emotional Detox
Release everything that is stuck in your system


Emotional detoxes are enhanced by increasing access to them. Once you are aware how you are feeling and what triggers you, it becomes easy to mindfully manage them. You can always do it on your own. Seeking professional help is always advisable if you feel like it. Do not forget to check Khushi’s page and reach out to her if any help is required.

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