Embrace the singlehood: 8 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day alone!

Enjoy the singlehood this Valentine’s Day!

When you are single on Valentine’s Day, the last thing you want is somebody to tell you it is perfectly okay to be alone on February 14th. After all, you have your own choice. We have got some of the best ideas how to celebrate the day of love when you are single on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is not always about being with your bae.

If you seriously consider these ideas, they may actually make more sense to you. After all, it is not a sin to celebrate Valentine’s Day alone, if you know how to spend Valentine’s Day single and actually enjoy it. You may be thinking it is just a thing of fantasy land but it is possible!

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Just give these ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day alone:

  1. Celebrate Galentine’s Day: This is just amazing idea guys. The idea catches like wildfire, particularly among females. If you are single on Valentine’s Day, call your other single girlfriends and celebrate Galentine’s Day. Celebrate your day with your lady love.
  2. Hello Dating App: If you feel bad about being single on Valentine Day, try downloading Tinder or any other dating app. You will be surprised to see there are many people just like you. Moreover, who knows you may bump into a cute guy looking for someone just like you. This is not a bad idea!
  3. Treat Yourself with A Premium Spa: One of the great advantages of being single on Valentine’s Day is that you do not have to spend insane amounts for expensive dates or Valentine gifts for anyone. You can save that money and treat yourself with a soothing spa at your favourite spa bar!
  4.  Give Yourself A Makeover: The real meaning of Valentine’s Day is about love and before loving anyone else, you have to learn to love yourself first! And what a better way to feel good about yourself than getting a makeover- get a new hairstyle, a stylish piece of fashion jewellery, a cute outfit, or whatever makes you feel great. This is one of best things to do on Valentine’s Day when you are single. Just work on yourself and make yourself pretty.

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  5. Host A “Single-Only” Party: You may not be in a mood to go to any Valentine party where lovely (or irritating?) couples are all around you holding hands and looking into eyes while forgetting everything and everyone around them! So, the best thing to do is to gather your single friends and have an Anti-Valentine’s Day party!
  6. Go For A Movie Marathon Whole Day: There is no dearth of ways to spend and enjoy Valentine’s Day alone and watching some romantic, movies which you like a lot can be really relaxing.

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  1. Order Pizza. Just for Yourself: This idea works well in conjunction with the above idea. Order your favourite pizza, slip into your pyjamas, pour in a premium wine, and start the movie marathon. Even better would be to invite your best pals who are also single on Valentine’s Day like you. Pizza is none less than your Valentine.
  2. Spend More Time In Gym: What is better than sulking around at home being alone on Valentine’s Day? Head to the gym and have a kickass workout. If you do not have a gym membership yet, it is time to get one. Lovers may come and go; your body will stay with you until the end of your life. So, take care of it!

Just love yourself!

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