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Embracing Change for Fulfillment


Exercising our Free Will to embrace change by becoming miracle minded leads to fulfilled lives 

In our lives change is constant.  From our physical self to the world around us, everything is changing constantly -that is almost everything – except God, or Divine Intelligence which constantly remains the same.

Our change starts from the moment of conception, when an egg and sperm merge to form new life, and we start growing and ageing from that point onward. In our world, we see so many changes, with technology, living conditions, polity, society, to name a few.

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(Let Us Embrace change in our life)


Yet, Change is one word that frightens most of us.  We are so used to living in our ‘Comfort Zones’, however, uncomfortable they might be still this zone feels like home, hence the comfort.


It is due to this that people endure failed relationships, miserable jobs and other conditions, as they fear that ‘Change’ might be worse.  Thus, they continue living lives with a big gap between what they expect and dream of, and their self-imposed reality of misery.


Like I discussed in one of my previous articles – Living Vibrationally,’ Our thoughts and actions all emit vibrations – like tuning into a radio channel.  Tuning into low vibrations act as beacons for low vibration experiences, while tuning into high vibrations similarly attract high vibrational experiences of love, joy, abundance, etc.,” by living life, feeling miserable, angry, resentful and pitiful, one is constantly sending further invitations for similar experiences to continue.

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(Adapting to changes keep you at Peace)

In situations like these, one then gets angry with God and the Universe, feeling that the whole creation is ‘conspiring against’ oneself.  However, the truth is far from this.


As I also discussed in ‘We are all Vibrations’,God is non-judgmental, and Unconditionally loves all our life choices(no matter what we choose), and us.  However, we experience the fruit of our choices, or Karma due to our enhanced consciences, not because the Universe has it in for us.


These choices may have been made in this life, or past lives, or be the karmic fruit of our choice of parents, called Pitra Dosh by astrologers in India.  Thus, the culmination of our choices come to us as our life experiences; some giving us joy, while others giving us misery.

(Miracles when you really want them to happen)

Such choices also impose a constant change in our lives, taking us on the roller coaster of our lives’ journeys.  Like a passenger from a sinking ship, we hold onto the circumstances of our lives, as though these conditions are our life raft, and letting go would plunge us into unknown and untold miseries (as though we are not miserable enough to start with).

However, we do have Free Will, as also previously discussed, which gives us a God-Given birthright to exercise choice into a realm of safety, security and blissful miracles.  All we have to do is, begin to change our thoughts from low vibration (miserable) to high vibration (joyous).

This miraculous change begins to manifest with thoughts of Gratitude, of Forgiveness, of Compassion, of Love. Thus, change happens whether we like it or not, only what kind of change, and how it occurs depends entirely upon us.

I know from experience, to embrace this change in a state of bliss is the challenge, and can sound daunting and even impossible or even gibberish to some, as to even contemplate something like this, when we have spent our entire lives being the victim of our circumstances. This feeling of victimhood has been reinforced since millennia by stories in the Mahabharata, Ramayana, Bible etc., as also movies, novels, news etc.

Lost in this vast jungle of stories of victimhood are also stories of people who changed people’s lives like Adi Shankaracharya, Guru Nanak, Jesus, Saint Kabir, Sai Baba of Shirdi, and others in their ilk, who, with their Power of Thought, taught alternate ways in thinking to change one’s lives.  We even have contemporary examples of people like Mahatma Gandhi, who helped bring about near bloodless independence, Mother Teresa who having no resources of her own, helped set up old age homes, hospitals and orphanages to take care of tens of thousands. There are many more like them, who have brought about change with the Power of their Thoughts, some for the World at large, while others for themselves and their families.

Plenty of spiritual teachers too like Louis Hay, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Vianna Stibal, Gabrielle Bernstein and others have given techniques to start changing our thoughts to come into a realm of joyous creation.

(Creating Joy)

Using these techniques, based on simple meditations and visual processes help us not only cope with our circumstances, but also gradually shift them into those of joyousness.

Our brains are made up of neurons and synaptic connections.  These get hardwired to automatic reactions and actions, much like walking, riding a bicycle, driving a car, or typing, or even brushing our teeth, taking a bath or cooking.  We do these activities and more so often, that they become our reflex actions.  Similarly, due to our experiences, we act and react to situations based on our experiential and genetic memories.  This also happens reflexively.


Therefore, using meditative techniques to change our lives by changing the way we think is akin to going to school to learn, to drive a car, learn to ride a bike, play a musical instrument, paint or sing or what have you.  All this requires lots of practice, which actually creates new neural pathways in our ways, and the more we practice, the more they get reinforced and become reflex actions or second nature to us.

(Let us change the way we think)

Learning these techniques or any one of them, with a constant vigil to our thoughts, and changing them with the techniques taught start creating neural pathways of becoming  ‘Miracle Minded‘ in us, and those of ‘Doom Mindedness’ start losing strength as we now use them less and less, sending out more and more signals to the Universe of invitations to joy.

Hence, exercising our Free Will to embrace change by becoming miracle minded leads to fulfilled lives.

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