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Explained: How to get admission in Russian Medical Colleges

These are the required Eligibility Criteria for Admission in Russian Medical Colleges

Studying abroad can be very helpful and lucrative, it is an opportunity to mix with people of various cultures and languages. Obtaining admission in Russia which is the biggest country in the world will have requirements like every other Higher Institutions, although with much lower costs and processes but there are necessary criteria that must be fulfilled to be eligible for such a grand opportunity. As a medical student, considerations must have been made when planning to study abroad whether to obtain an MBBS in Russia or an MBBS in Ukraine, well these grand universities are not without their requirements. Like every other course gaining admission for a chance to earn admission in MBBS in Russian university requires no entrance exam but requires certain qualifications and confirmations. Here listed below are some basic eligibility criteria for gaining admission into a Russian medical college.

1. Age: every applicant planning to gain admission into the Russian medical college must be at least 17 years old on or before 31st December of the year of application for admission. This requirement is to verify the stability of the student and assure that they are old enough to live alone in a foreign country. Parents should ensure that the emotional care of each child is well-considered so as not to send a child that can’t handle him/herself alone to such a place far away from home. Also, since the medical study is a very delicate discipline, proper attention is given to ensure that students are mature enough to handle what it entails.

2. Academic Record: this is where most students fail in their dream and plan to study abroad, students are expected to have a very good basic track record before deciding to gain admission into a Russian medical college. Also in terms of academic record, a student must have completed the basic educational levels before embarking on a Higher education like MBBS in Russia. Equally, getting admission to MBBS in Ukraine is very lucrative and dignifying, as Ukraine also has a good standard of education and provides at a reasonable cost to foreign students. but these credits don’t come easy, only a student who is well trained to handle difficulty and strife for success at the expense of pleasure and distraction can successfully handle what it takes in a Russian medical college.

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3. Language: the Russian Universities take lessons in medium English and at least this level of understanding of the language is required. All applicants must possess at least medium skill knowledge of the language.

4. Necessary Documentation: when planning admission into a foreign university, it is advisable to prepare proper registration documents, since the application is submitted online, documentations involving confirmation of identity may be required and it is in your best interest to get such documents ready.

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5. Will: another requirement to earning a chance to study MBBS in Russia is to have a very strong will, admission may not be given even in the first years of trial as there are many other Applications University abroad receive annually and only a student with a strong will can maintain their stand into getting admitted there. This is one of the reasons the age constraint was involved, a mature mind is expected to be able to handle whatever threat may hinder the fulfilment of their dreams and plans.

6. Awareness: this is included in this list because many do not know that getting admission for a chance to study abroad most especially an opportunity to obtain MBBS in a country like Russia can be much delayed and long, it is of great importance to be up-to-date on every information regarding the admission process. There may exist anomalies that may cause a change in the whole admission process and only getting access to the right information at the needed time will help.

7. Meticulous Planning: Finally, when you have placed every other factor in place, proper planning is required whether to obtain an international passport or to obtain any necessary travel documentation, waiting till admission is given before requesting the necessary documentation may cause delay and possibly cancellation of admission. Also, all registration and applications should be submitted as early as possible.

Thus, highlighted above are the basic criteria to be eligible for admission in a Russian Medical college, and the most important of these factors are age, language, and academic record.

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