Elections 2019: 10 Powerful Slogans that are ruling the Social Media


Elections 2019: 10 Powerful Slogans by different Political parties

Elections 2019 is around the corner and political parties are doing aggressive promotion of their ideas. War of statements is not a new thing when Elections are around the corner. Recently, The Election Commission announced the schedule for the Elections 2019. Notably, Elections will take place in 7 phases which will begin from April 11.  Vote counting would be done on May 23 and results of the polls will be announced on the very same day.

Well, all the parties are doing their best to woo the voters. They are smartly using social media as their marketing strategy. Slogans work incredibly in the diverse political culture of India. So, here is a list of 10 powerful slogans by the different political parties that are doing the rounds.

Here are 10 Powerful slogans that ruling the social media these days, take a look

1. Ab Ki Baar 400 Par – BJP coined this new slogan for the battle of 2019.  In 2014, it was Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar and now, they have set the game a notch higher.

2. Rahul Sang Priyanka Gandhi Ab ayegi Badlav ki Andhi–This was coined by Congress party after Priyanka Gandhi officially joined Politics. To promote new ideas and the power of youth

3. Jisne Banaya Swachchta Ko Sanskar woh hai Chowkidaar –This is the recent slogan launched by Bhartiya Janta Party. Notably, all the prominent politicians of BJP have even changed their name on their Twitter Handle. Such as – Chowkidar Narendra Modi. Chowkidar means Guard and BJP claims to safeguard the interest of the Nation.

4. Har Hath Shakti, Har Hath Taraki: The key message of Congress is Power in every hand, progress for everyone. To promote the idea of development and progress, Congress chose this slogan

5. ModionceMore: This slogan was recently trending on Twitter, the supporters of BJP were promoting this hashtag to encourage people to bring back Modi for the second term.

6. Khattar Soch Nhi, Yuva Josh: Congress came up with this Slogan to encourage people to vote for them. To promote the power of youth this tag line has been used

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7. Apna Time Aa Gaya Hai
We all know how effectively PM Narendra Modi uses social media. Recently, he tagged some biggest names in India and wrote, “ Apna Time Aa  Gaya hai.” He appealed them to encourage the nation to vote.

8. Mai Bhi Chowkidaar: PM Modi and BJP are spreading this word from past few days very aggressively on Twitter. It is trending and the sole idea is to tell people to vote for Chowkidars. ( Here they are referring themselves as Chowkidaar) who safeguards the nation.

9. Modi hai toh Mumkin hai: BJP knows how to make the best use of social media. Another hashtag which is trending these days is “ Modi hai toh Mumkin hai.”

10. ChowkidarPhir se: The slogan is catching a lot of eyes. It has been used to promote ideas of the Modi government and to bring them back to power.

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