Election 2019: Young India’s take on Political Scenario


 Election 2019: What Young Indians want from the government? 

There is no doubt about the quick-witted millennials. Characteristics of millennials like tech-savvy, achievement-oriented, team-oriented and job-hopping are the reasons behind their extra smart work. But how much do we know about our Country’s political scenario?  It is often said that this generation is least bothered about the Political scenario of the country. But have we ever discussed the problems faced by them at the workplace or in general? Are they disappointed? Has there been a shift? And is the answer to all this is yes, then why?

Views Regarding Politics

Young India is not concerned who is coming to power. Their main aim is that the issues they are facing should be resolved such as unemployment.  They want good governance and strong leadership.

We must have not heard about the interviews from young people on national televisions, as people say because of their incomplete knowledge about the matter. But this is not true at all.  Let’s face the fact that millennials are outspoken. This can be one of the reasons behind covering the faces of millennials.

They dig for the knowledge, unlike the older generations, they start their discussion on the issues they have the full knowledge of. Discussing without having knowledge on the basis of partiality for the parties is not the thing for the millennials. Their concern is based on the benefits people are facing in the rule of the current party.

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The community is effective through which the change can be brought, according to the millennials! Being tech-savvy and socially engaged they have very powerful contacts through social mediums like facebook where they have a great engagement in politics.

A view with the different scope

Millennials are issue-driven. It is said that the issues for which they actually provide attention is same-sex marriage, gender identity issues etc which is true but they are equally concerned with their economic problems too. Their first approach to any work is digital. They are digitally engaged in politics.

Smart work is the main key to their development. Work hard for better results is not their forte. Instead, they believe in smart work which can make the work easy and time efficient.

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