Election 2019: Why the opinion of every voter matters?


Election 2019: Let us choose our representative wisely? 

The election in India is a phase with a lot of tensions and excitement at the same time. Our country has witnessed some elections which led to rules of the great Prime Ministers of our country. Hence, every election is looked up with the same expectations. The election is the only time when every change in the country has a purpose. People at the time of election walk anywhere and everywhere with an opinion which clearly has a purpose again. Be it BJP or Congress, or any other party, they all make sure their name is well heard in the nook and cranny of the country.

There have been moments when the tension during the election has led to violence. It is so because expression gets worthy during the election. Anybody who is willing to express their thoughts about a certain party may face some violence. Recently, Muzaffarnagar incident where a Teenage wanted to talk about the situation in his area, and in return, he was beaten up. His religion played an important role as he was a Muslim boy. A lot of times religion and caste become a huge issue during the election.

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Fights on Social Media- Losing Integrity.

We have seen the word war on Twitter and other social media platforms but the situation gets worried worthy when the war turns in real life violence. Some extreme ideologies of certain parties can lead to communal riots. Whenever religion is discussed in India anywhere, one needs to have a check on the majority of that area.

The situation worsens when the Religious disparities are being used by the political parties to lure votes. We come across so many political memes in just one scroll. We find the memes to be funny and we laugh it. But have you ever realized what kind of impact it could have on society? The social media fight is getting dirty with each passing day on memes and videos with obscenity. Where the social media is already facing instability the real world is also under sheer pressure.

Elections- Fortune of the Nation.

As the dates of election 2019 are out, the hustle can already be felt around. But we all are hoping that amongst all this the fortune of the country goes to the right party. The parties have already started the silent campaigns but silence here is heard loud. Along with all the sensitivities our nation should have a peaceful and fair election.

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