Election 2019: Will Congress be able to take its Revenge?

Election 2019
Rahul Gandhi VS Narendra Modi

2014 Elections  VS Elections Polls: How it is different? 

Elections have been the reason for excitement whenever it is held. There are 7 National Parties, 24 State recognized party, and 2044 registered has been registered as an unrecognized party. India is a diverse multi-party political system. All the parties who wish to contest election are required to be registered in Election commission of India.  A party needs to win a minimum of 3% of the total seats in the Legislative Assembly. Election in year 2014 had the maximum turnout of voters in Indian history. The average voter turnout was 66.9% of the 814.5 million eligible voters.  In the year 2014, the two major parties along with all other parties contested for the elections as a unique entity. But this year, 2019 elections can witness the ‘Mahagatbandhan’ against BJP or Narendra Modi probably. The question is will Congress be able to take its revenge?

Election 2019
Rahul Gandhi VS Narendra Modi

2014 vs 2019

Earlier in 2014 election, the voting was done in nine phases, but for the first in 2019 election, it would be done in seven phases. After the 2014 elections, for the very first time, the results were quite clear to be discussed. BJP and its allies won the right to form the largest majority government since the 1984 general election, and it was the first time in the election that a party had won enough seats to govern without the support of any other party. Election 2019 is the litmus test of BJP. Will it make a comeback with the same numbers or not? Will Congress be able to take its revenge? Well, all the questions will be answered on May 23.

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Important issues during the campaign earlier included high inflation, lack of jobs, economic downfall, corruption, religious division and communalism, and infrastructures such as roads, electricity, and water. However, this time people are going to emphasize national security and terrorism in regard to transparency of the decision made by the government. Also, this year Jammu & Kashmir will be a concern for many voters which may show some deflection in voting. 2019 Election feels a lot different this time because of the emotions, tactic, and strategies.

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