Effective ways to maintain healthy relationship with the ‘Queen’ (Female Boss)

Working with a female boss? Here are few things you need to understand!

Well, working for a woman or female boss is quite different from working for a male boss. Sometimes people think that working with a female can be easy but that’s not true. Handling them and maintaining good relations with them can be really tricky. Some day, you might find her calm and composed and some day she can become completely unpredictable (There can be different reasons).

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According to a survey, more than two third of people like to work with the male boss and only one third people like to work with the female boss. But the fact is, you can’t change your boss. So, it’s better to maintain good relation with her.

If you are working for a woman, here are few effective ways to maintain to relation with the Queen:

· Know your Limits: One should always stay in his/ her limits. Even if she is friendly with her staff, one should know his/ her limits. She might not like your over –friendly behavior towards her.

·Understand the difference between cooperation and Incapability: Cooperation is in the genes of females. She loves to take inputs from her team before making any decision that doesn’t mean she is not capable of making important decisions.

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· Let her know that you respect her viewpoint : Let us all admit that mostly women have to do a lot of hard work to prove their mettle. You should make her realize that you value her viewpoint. By doing this you will hit the right chord and it will become easy to work with her.

·Ask for advice: Females can give you some exceptionally good advice. So, if you are stuck in any situation feel free to seek her advice. If you are confused, talk to her but do not make assumptions on your own.

·Don’t interrupt: When she comes for a meeting, do not interrupt in between. Well, this is a common practice but with the female boss, you need to be more careful. If you have doubts or if you want to add something just make the note of it.

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