Effective ways to get rid of your lower back pain

Say ‘Final Goodbye’ to lower back pain!

Well, sitting for 7-8 hours in front of computer is not an easy job. It can cause a lot of problems for you. Eight out of ten adults experience lower back pain once in their lifetime. But 9 out of 10 patients who suffer from lower back pain do not even know the primary cause of it.

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Let’s know its history

Once upon a time in our fairly recent past, our ancestors felt the urgency to stand up and leave our quadruped neighbors behind. Habitual bipedalism, fancy word for regularly walking on two legs, came with a lot of advantages. With two rear limbs instead of four, we were able to more efficiently use our hands and create tools with them.

Sadly, life on two legs also brought along its disadvantages. Our spine had four supporting pillars previously, but now it only got two. The back is therefore naturally one of the weak links of our human anatomy. Therefore, our ancestors were healthy. Our spine needs constant support from its supporting muscles to minimize the load on the spine.

What you can do to get rid of the pain?

1. Stand up more: If your works demands to sit in front of systems for long hours, then you should also work while standing up. Standing dramatically reduces the pressure on your spine. If you are forced to work on a desk the whole day though, you have two options.

2. Take small breaks: Set an alarm on your phone that goes off every hour! In that time you stand up and reach to the ceiling, on your toe tips with fully extended arms. You are inhaling during the whole process. You do this activity for 20 seconds. Afterwards you are walking through the office for the next 2 minutes. You might grab a healthy snack or some water in that time. The exercise relieves the pressure on your spine, while the walking makes sure that the joints on your spine are properly used.

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3. Get a standing desk: One of the best companies on the market for Standing Desk. Autonomous offers a rather cheap Standing Desk, with the ability to change the height. Which means you can start the day standing and switch to sitting if you are tired. Get one for yourself too.

4. Do lot of exercise: Sitting is an immobile position. Your joints are made for movement and therefore need movement to function properly. If humans are moving, all moving parts: e.g. the joints, bones and muscles get strengthened. If you are in a rested position for too long, your tissues start to deteriorate. You have to get the right amount of activity in. But not too much activity is required. There is a chance that going to the gym may even increase your risk of lower back pain.

5. Stretching: This is the best solution to your pain. Do stretching as much as you can.

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