Education will soon shift away from classrooms

Education will soon shift away from classrooms

Education will soon shift away from classrooms :- According to a new research, the classroom education could soon be a thing of the past by 2025 . Its Education in 2025. The Technology Innovation survey takes a closer look at the education and technology found some interesting takeaways.

Where almost two thirds, which is, 64 percent of the respondents believe that the students engage with the education primarily in classrooms, while just a quarter, which is, 25 percent believe that this will still be the case in the next ten years.

Education will soon shift away from classrooms
Classroom learning

Take of professionals on the matter

More than 53 percent of the education professionals believe that the real-time video collaborations and mobile devices will be the number one way through which the students will engage in content by 2025. At that moment, however, the things will be much, much better than they are currently.

As per the education professionals in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region believe that the academic institutions which are currently in force, are not using their full potential of technology. The focus should entirely be on improving the quality of teacher’s learning (34 percent), personalizing the student’s learning experience (17 percent), and taking advantage of the new technologies (13 percent).

Education will soon shift away from classrooms
Technology changing the education process

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What Andrew Graley says

“By allowing a totally engaging, accessible, and cost-effective approach to the education, technology opens up the doors of the higher education, personalized courses, and the teacher-training to a much huge number of people,” said Andrew Graley, Polycom’s director of Healthcare, Education and Government for EMEA.

“There is clear new trend of integrating technologies with the physical teaching; it is all about finding a fine balance and doing its best for the pupils. It is important that we do not lose that face-to-face practical teaching environment, but should make sure that we maximize the potential that the technology can bring to the education landscape”, added Graley.

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