Easy tips to Keep yourself Warm in Winters


The cold chilly winter of January is around and is posing threat to your wellness. Be prepared to keep yourself protected from seasonal flu and cold, skin issues and digestive ailments.

Pamper yourself and your family to stay cozy when the cold wave blows.

• You should wear layered dresses to keep you warm and protected against the chilly breeze.
• Wear clothes that cover your chest, neck and head when you go outside.
• Take steam bath and hot showers to obtain relief from aches and sores.
• A warm massage with aromatic oils is ideal for winters.
• Hug your kids and offer them warmth and coziness.
• Do indoor exercises to improve your blood circulation and keep the body organs in good shape.


Easy tips to Keep yourself Warm in Winters

• Keep fleece blankets, warm shawls and coats nearby to keep yourself warm.
• Wear scarves and hats to keep your ears warm as they are the commonly uncared part of your body.
• Eat warm foods and beverages to keep your body warm internally.
• Drink herbal tea, hot cocoa, coffee to keep yourself nourished and warm.
• Have easily digestible foods such as soups, steamed food, stewed food to avoid hampering your stomach functioning.
• Have seasonal fruits and freshly prepared meat dishes.
• Have dried nuts like almond, cashew, apricot, pistachios, etc. to keep your body warm and healthy

These useful tips promise to safeguard your health and keep you warm, nourished and protected against cold wave during the freezing winters.



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