Easter 2019: Easter Messages that you can send to your loved ones

Parul Srivastava
Easter 2019

 Easter 2019:  Why do Christians celebrate it with so much zeal?

Easter 2019 will be celebrated on April 21.  It is celebrated with utmost zeal by the Christians all across the globe. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Notably, the festival is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon that occurs next after the Vernal equinox.  It is a festival of happiness and warmth. In that case, do not forget to wish your loved ones with a warm message.

Easter 2019
Easter 2019

Here are a few messages that you can send to your loved ones this Easter

1.Easter brings happiness, warmth, fun and joy. Happy Easter to you and your family.

2.I am thankful and praise God Jesus for sacrificing himself and giving us an amazing life and I am really grateful for you! Happy Easter

3. Rejoice every moment of life, forgive others, and celebrate Easter with all your heart.

4. Let the grace of Savior’s love shine upon you, let his mercy wash away all the sins. Wishing you a glorious Happy Easter.

5. The Lord has been kind to you. Thank him for protecting you, remember he died for us, Rejoice and praise him. Happy Easter to you and your family.

6. Spread happiness, make internal peace and be warm to others. Happy Easter

7. This Easter release all your grudges and be thankful to god for being kind with you.

8. Easter is another reason to celebrate and to be grateful for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Have a Happy Easter

9. Do not forget to love people unconditionally. Feel the beauty of love and thank all the important people around you. Happy Easter.

10. May our savior bless you and your family with peace, warmth and happiness this Easter and through the years.

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