Earth Day 2020: We are already paying price, it is time to pause & think!

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors & We have borrowed it from our children!

Earth has enough for everyone’s need but not enough for everyone’s greed. It is the sole thing which all the living beings have in common and we as a human do share a responsibility towards it. 22nd April every year marks the World Earth day. It’s high time now that we should realize the importance this day holds and strive to make this world a  better place for all of us to be in. Every person can make a difference, and no deed is too small to matter.

There are 5 ways in which you can make World a better place

1. Use less paper

Our forests are being cut down at an alarming rate. Conserve the trees by conserving paper. Send email instead of a letter. Type direction into your cell phone instead of writing them down.

2. Drive Less

Even the use of hybrid vehicles contributes to carbon emissions, greenhouse gases and reduced air quality. Take a moment to consider how you can use your personal vehicle less. You could carpool or take public transportation to work.

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3. Conserve Water

Taking long showers and letting the water run as you brush your teeth are indulgences that negatively impact our world. Try to limit your water usage by timing how long you have the water running.

4. Volunteer your Time at Local Schools

Whether you have a school-age child or not, children are the future of this world. Spend time helping them reach their potential by tutoring, mentoring or taking part in an after school programs.

5. Donate to Clean water charities

A large portion of the world is without fresh drinking water. Educate yourself about the drought epidemic, and make the world a better place by donating to organizations and charities helping to fight against the lack of clean water around the globe.

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