Early signs of aging? Treat Your Skin With This Healthy Drink!

Here is a magical drink that can reduce the early signs of aging

Aging is a natural process that cannot be avoided. However, today’s hectic lifestyles include worrying, tension, anxiety, bad food habits, and a bad routine that has escalated this aging process. People in their early 20s nowadays show early signs of aging or premature aging like graying of hair, wrinkles on the skin, body weakness and pain, backache and knee pain, fatigue, and so on.  Even though there is no medical condition, which shows that they are sick.

Stress is a major cause of aging. Our mind and body are intertwined, daily issues at home, problems in personal life, issues at the office, all these things, definitely increase the level of stress. Because of this, it shows very much on your skin.

Therefore, here are some magical drinks that will slow down the process of aging. It will help you to rejuvenate and come with good strength, vigour in your life. This drink will help in rejuvenating your skin and slowing down your early signs of aging.

early signs of aging
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Indian gooseberry drink

This drink is called Indian gooseberry- that is Amla drink. Amala has tremendous benefits on the skin. It will help your skin to keep radiance moisturized and free from acne. Amla helps in preventing dry skin and wrinkles because it is loaded with vitamin C.

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Vitamin C also helps in the development of collagen. Collagen improves skin, hair and prevents cycles.

As per Dr. Rupali Datta, Chief Clinical Nutritionist at Fortis-Escorts Hospital, “Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that protects you against the harmful effects of free radicals. It helps in slowing down the early signs of aging and is needed for collagen production hence keeping hair healthy, keeping your skin, and supporting the immune system.”

early signs of aging


1.     Amala- Indian gooseberry 200 grams

2.     Palm/dates, jaggery 300 grams

3.     Dry ginger powder 3 grams

4.     Cardamom and turmeric 3 grams

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Method of preparation

Precook gooseberries and then de-seed amla. Put it in the mixer to make a paste. Now, extract the juice by adding water into it and squeezing it out. Again, add around 150 ml water and grind it to extract more juice.

Broke jaggery into small pieces. It should be boiled with 100ml of water till it turns into a syrup. Mix this syrup with gooseberry juice and the rest of the ingredients. Stir the solution and the drink is ready.

This drink has several benefits. It serves as an instant energy booster as it gives you so much energy that you feel fit and fine. It is rich in antioxidants with the goodness of vitamin c, calcium, b-complex, and potassium. It promotes immunity and minimises the early signs of aging. People suffer from an ulcer, acidity, and heartburn. They benefited from this drink. 

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Remember: Diabetics should avoid eating jaggery syrup. That sweetener should be out of the amla drink. 

So, try this magical, nutrient-rich drink to get rid of early signs of aging. However, just a healthy drink is not sufficient. You have to have a holistic approach in life.

Avoid getting into stress. Make sure you go for a walk regularly. Be with nature which will keep you relaxed and happy. Try and see that you eat food regularly. The food should be healthy.

Most importantly, see that you laugh and make others laugh with you. When you laugh, quite a lot of wrinkles would actually reduce down and you will enjoy your life to its fullest. So, take care of your health. Have a healthy routine with healthy food and live a wholesome life.

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