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Dutch PM shows Humility, people across the world are appraising him!

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Netherlands PM Mark Rutte cleans up after spilling a coffee! 

Well, Ministers all over the world comes under the category of VVIPs. We have often seen them talking about equality and humanity. Isn’t it? Dutch PM Mark Rutte not only talks about equality and Humanity, he often believes in it. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is in the news after he spilled a coffee and cleaned it on his own, without waiting for the Parliament’s cleaning staff to get going. That people across the world are lauding the PM for this. Nevertheless, the video of the Netherlands PM cleaning the spilled coffee with a mop, while the cleaners cheer him, has gone viral. He has a bunch of files in one hand and a foam cup of coffee in the other which he drops while walking.

(Dutch PM)

His humility has definitely won hearts worldwide, with Coach Vikram, one Twitter user, correlating him with the attitude of Indian politicians and business leaders. “How many of us even know the name of the janitor who daily cleans our office toilets?” While what Rutte did was replete with humility, that people across the world are celebrating it as something incredible shows how we have leaders but could use some more role models.

His simplest gesture is one of the best things you can find on the internet today. He proved that even being serving as a PM to the country he believes humility is needed. People on Twitter are appreciating him for his simplest attitude.

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