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Dussehra 2020: What all negatives do we want to get rid of, this Dussehra

A lot of negativity is in the air, here is what all do we want to get rid of this Dussehra

2020 has remained a painful year so far. We are in the last quarter of it, the festival season has already started, yet it is very likely that the festivities this year won’t be the way, they have always been. We have seen worst days where the year started with the long-standing protest with the CAA NRC, then the COVID pandemic broke in, and then everything else is a story, which happened to be traumatising, not just physically but mentally as well. There is a lot of negativity, a lot of toxicity in the air, and you are breathing it, and we are glad, you are surviving with it and this makes us feel proud. But the toxicity is increasing and if you ask us, when will it end, there is a lot of uncertainty, still maligning the air.

So, this Dussehra, keeping in mind the significance of this festival, here are all the negatives we wish to get rid of –



Breathing in the air of uncertainty, touching in fear, eating with consciousness and sitting at homes with no idea,  when is it going to end. Next month, it will be complete one year of when the first case of COVID was found in China. India is sailing in the eighth month of pandemic and we don’t really have a clear idea, when are we going to get a vaccine. Though dates get proposed identifying the progress in the making of the vaccine, there is no clear idea, when will it come it come to us. So, we are surviving in the new normal, but we sure are not linking it.


2. Take away the toxicity from news

All the darkness came together this year. We lost one of the beloved actors, Shushant Singh Rajput this year and in the face of it, we saw one of the brutal and most toxic faces of Indian media. In the name of demanding justice for his death, media created a whole lot of conspiracies, fed the audience with fake news, media trails, defamed ‘n’ number of people, witch-hunted Shushant’s beloved and what not. Not that it wasn’t toxic before it, but they crossed the tipping point here. Earlier, during the CAA – NRC protests, they did the pretty same thing, spread hate.


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3. Put a break on Gender-Based Violence, especially those being inflicted on women and other genders

Oh, it is suffocating, Gender, Gender-based violence, violence on women, violence on Dalit women, violence on Muslim women, violence on minor girls, violence on members of LGBTQIA community and this list is never-ending and we have seen it all in the last year. And combining it all with the previous two issues, we can’t really survive it for long.


4. Take away the andha – bhakti of bhakts and  give them some buddhi (wisdom) to think

Bihar elections are right here and propaganda of political parties is on the peak. Parties are releasing their manifestos and bhakts are very likely to fall for it, just like the way they have felt for it till now. And what else can we expect if someone happens to propose first access to COVID vaccines? So, dear Dusshera, don’t we know how much truth is there in it? Give wisdom to bhakts to decide for themselves, what is right.

5. CAA is not yet gone

Yes, it’s not gone, and yes, not all the people were happy with it. Before the COVID crisis started in India, the nation was protesting against the CAA and NRC which are allegedly promoting communal hatred and are against the clause of the secularity of Indian preamble. Well, the COVID had put it on a halt but it is not gone. BJP President, JP Nadda said in a meeting in West Bengal that they are in process of finalizing the rules for the CAA.

6. Give us freedom from those who are curbing the voices of dissent

Political, civil rights activists, peaceful protestors, political writers and artists, etc., who are choosing to express their unwillingness with the state and authorities are only facing the fascism of the government. We have examples of peaceful protestors who are in jail today, political writers and activists are booked under sedition charges and we have the master of them all, the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) which can literally allege and book a person naming them being part of anti-national activities.


7. Give us freedom from air pollution, Dear Dussehra, please come without any crackers and air pollutants

Well, we will really welcome and celebrate your Dussehra, we would also want you to help us get rid of the above mentioned toxic environment, but we request you to not bring their problems with yourself. Winters, Dussehra and Diwali, a deadly combination that will lead to air pollution, increase the smog and will directly affect the health of every species here on the planet. So, Dussehra, please don’t expect us to welcome you with the lavish ceremony of burning the statue of Rawan, and further, celebrating the arrival of Ram in Ayodhya with firecrackers. We are not gonna do that. And we know, you don’t even want us to do so. Right?

So, this Dussehra, we are ready to celebrate it in an eco-friendly way. And we are sure, you will take away the negativity with you.

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