Dussehra 2018 Long Weekend : Time for a mini vacation

Dussehra 2018 Long Weekend: Where to go for a mini vacation?

The festive season has already begun and people all across the country are busy making different plans. Dusshera is around the corner. Dussehra 2018 is bringing a long weekend as a treat for all of us. The last decade has witnessed major transformations in Indian travel plans. Breaking the norm of long vacations, Indians are now taking shorter breaks to rejuvenate themselves. Indians are typically known for their long working hours. Well, now they are trying turning towards long weekends as a chance to escape from their busy schedules.

Dussehra holidays 2018

Dussehra is falling on Friday, the upcoming long weekends has already gotten Indians to pack their bags. Traditionally, Indians used to stay at home during the festivals. Now, the trend of traveling and exploring new places is really catching up.

Here are a few places where you can visit for Dussehra 2018 Long Weekend


Hill Station that is 300 km away from Delhi is the perfect choice for Dussehra holidays. The colonial ambiance, ancient houses with charming facades, neat little gardens will rejuvenate your holidays. You will get an altogether different experience.


For a beautiful weekend amongst the greenery, clouds, and mountain, book your tickets to Dalhousie. It is an overwhelming place with drizzling rains and scenic views creating a picturesque setting.

3. Nandi Hills

Over the years, the place has gained popularity. People visit here for vacations. The best place to visit in Nandi Hills is Tipu Sultan’s palace.

4. Ahmadabad

Are you up for Garba and dandiya? This is a place where you will mouth-watering Gujarati dishes and colorful celebrations of Navaratri.

5. Kota

Kota is known for its month-long Dussehra. You can enjoy cultural performances while sampling the best of Rajasthani food. Be there till the final Dussehra event where 75 ft tall statues of Ravana, Megnath and Kumbhakarna are set to ablaze.

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