Durga Puja Special: Make-up Guide to carry ‘The Bengali Look’

At this Navratri enhance your grace with traditional Bengali look

Durga Puja is one of the most beloved festivals of Bengali’s but it is celebrated by a lot of people all over the country with great zest and happiness. On this occasion, women literally dye to dress up in beautiful Bengali attire and offer their prayers to the Goddess Durga followed by several other rituals. All the women want to look their best on Navratri and thus, put their extra efforts while getting ready.

The Bengali Look

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No matter you are Bengali or not, this Durga puja here is a complete “make-up guide” for you to look good

Start with Hair:-

With the white-red saree, two hairstyles go the best-open hair or a bun. Pick either of the styles based on your personal choice. Ensure that you do a neat hairdo, so that you look organized during the festivities of the Durga Puja. Also, a hair brooch at the center of any of the hairdos you pick adds to the Bengali look.

Face Make-up:-

Once you are done with your hair, it’s time for the face make-up. To make a base, start with cleansing, moisturizing and then, the make-up. In make-up, go for the foundation, the bronzer, the highlighter and the blush to prepare the face. As additional, don’t miss the lipstick and eye makeup. While doing the face makeup, don’t go very loud, as with the white-red Bengali look, simple make-up is the perfect combination.

The Bengali Look

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Pick a Bindi:-

A very important role in the Bengali tradition is played by the bindi. You can stick around red one or pick up as per your choice. Applying sindoor is a must with this look, for married women and they can use with liquid sindoor to make a circle on their foreheads. Ensure that you apply the bindi and sindoor as a part of this ethnic make-up cautiously.

Wear Alta:-

Women usually apply Alta with this traditional Durga Puja look. Alta can be applied on both on your hands and feet. This additional look completes one’s Bengali look. Ensure you use Alta on a spare cloth, as stains are unavoidable at this stage. For the nails, red nail paint is the best.

Wear the Jewelry:-

A must with the typical Bengali look is jewelry. From hands to a neck, ears to feet-bangles, necklace, earrings and anklets-don’t miss anything. If you want to keep your look simple, you can minimize the number of necklaces or bangles but not really skip an item completely. Golden jewelry best compliments the Bengali look, but you can wear silver also if you want to.

Drape the Sari:-

Last but not the least, the classiness and grace of the ethnic Bengali look solely depend on how you drape the sari. Drape the sari in the right way so that there is no scope of a glitch in your look. You can check Bengali style sari draping tutorials online, to keep it perfect.

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