Durga Puja 2018: 7 Leadership Lessons that we should learn from Maa Durga

Durga Puja 2018: 7 Leadership Lessons to learn from Maa Durga

After bidding goodbye to Bappa, its time to welcome Maa Durga at our places.  Durga Puja 2018 will start on October 14 (Panchmi)  and will end on October 19 which is Bijiya Dashmi. Beginning from Mahalaya 2018, Durga Puja holds an immense significance for Bengalis all across the globe. The weather has slightly changed and there is a fragrance of festivity in the air. Festival of Navaratri will begin from 10th October.

Apart from being a religious festival of Hindus, it is also an occasion of reunion and rejoices. Durga Puja is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil as Maa Durga killed buffalo demon Mahishura. Navaratri is dedicated to Maa durga and her nine forms are worshipped during these nine days.


Durga Puja 2018: Here are 7 leadership lessons that we learn from Maa Durga:


Maa Durga’s eight hands signify the strength of multi-tasking. It helps in saving time and resources. It also keeps people mentally healthy. We all should learn to do multi-tasking.

 2. Inner strength is important to go a long way

The word Durga which has got its origin from the word called ‘Durgam’ itself signifies fearlessness and strength. Remaining true to your convictions in the face of adversity gives you unshakeable inner strength. Maa Durga rides on Tiger which signifies that we should always fight like a tiger.

3. Adaptability is the key

A very important management lesson for the managers. Leader- manager should always adapt in situations. Maa Durga comes home in nine different forms which means we should adapt to situations without compromising on our real -self.

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4 Choose the path of peace

Maa Durga says we all should keep our eye on the ultimate prize – Welfare of everyone. Yes, we all should try to choose the path of peace that will do good for everyone.

5. Keep calm and carry on

As the fierce Maa Kalarartri, the goddess spelled doom for the demon Raktabeej.  She stands calmly in the face of a storm. The lesson is to keep calm and carry on. Darkness will not last long.

6. She knows her mind

As Goddess Brahmarchini, she did severe penance for Lord Shiva as a husband and a father who would respect him. It’s a lesson to women to know their minds when it comes to choosing their life partner, no matter the obstacles.

7. A strong sense of purpose

Women praying for a good husband are told to worship Mahagauri, the consort of Lord Shiva, but there is more to her than this. The lesson is that intelligence and clarity of purpose can clear one’s path of obstacles like a bolt lightning.

Happy Durga Puja to all!

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