Drunk Birds are causing ruckus in a Minnesota town: What Police has to say?

Birds getting drunk on Berries have become a major concern in a Minnesota town 

The birds in Gilbert, Minnesota town are behaving strange and are causing a ruckus all over the town. A lot of residents have seen them flying into cars, crashing into windows of their rooms and acting perplexed. It turns out that the main reason behind their bizarre behavior is drunkenness. No, they are not consuming alcohol. The reason behind their drunkenness is the berries that they eat.  Notably, the Gilbert Police Department has received several complaints by the people living in that area.

Drunk birds in Minnesota town

The main cause behind this is an early frost of berries. An early frost meant that berries had fermented earlier than usual, birds were eating it and getting drunk. A lot of birds have got hurt. According to the Gilbert Police, the incidents around town involving intoxicated birds appear to be prevalent than in the past years. In fact, some birds are getting more tipsy than normal.

Generally, younger birds cannot handle the toxins efficiently as more mature birds.

Gilbert Residents comments

The Gilbert Police has said, “there is no need to call any law enforcement about these birds as they will sober up within a short period of time.”  A number of Gilbert residents shared their experience and commented on the Facebook post. They also thanked the Police department for explaining to them why the birds were behaving strangely. One Woman commented that she had recently found three birds dead on her deck. “This explains why I have hit 7 birds with my car this week”, another commented.

The Facebook Post by the Gibert Police ended with a suggestion which says, ” Residents of the small Minnesota town call if they see angry birds laughing and giggling uncontrollably and appearing to be happy or tweety acting as if 10 feet tall and getting into confrontations with cats.”

What scientists have to say?

A group of California Scientists has found birds can really get intoxicated. They had performed necropsies on several flocks of Cedar Waxwings that had collided with hard surfaces and found that all of them had recently consumed overripe berries.  Certain birds such as Robins, Cedar Waxwings, and thrushers are most prone to drunken antics since they eat more berries.

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