Drinking In Public Places In Goa Will Be Banned : Manohar Parikkar

Soon Drinking In Public Places will Be banned In Goa

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parikkar has announced the ban on liquor in public places in Goa. He made this announcement for the welfare of the state.

No More Liqour In Public Places: Parikkar

We know that Goa is a tourist place and attracts a lot of youth. Goa is known for it’s western culture and unique tradition. It’s even more famous for its party culture and clubs where people love to visit and treat themselves with wine and beer.

One side this all seems fun but from past news references there were cases of nuisance created by people after drinking. To maintain decorum in the state liquor ban has been announced.

“If someone wants to consume liquor, they must drink it inside and not drink in public places.I will be conducting meetings for next 15 days regarding to ban the liquor consumption in public places”, Chief Minister Manohar Parikkar stated.

“Liquor shops will also going to face trouble if anyone will found drinking in public places.” he further stated.

First the night party culture and then now this, people who are crazy for partying and boozing will definitely not agree with this decision
but the decision is somehow for the benefit of common man and the security of the state also. This might turn off the fun for people who
visit Goa for its “cool culture” will get offended.

Parikkar announced this notification at Swachh Bharat function and he also stated that charges and fine would be imposed on shops who will allow people to drink near their shops.

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