Dressing up Professionally


With technological advancement and corporatization, the number of women executives and entrepreneurs has significantly increased in recent years.


Men are going to be men and dressing up properly while stepping out to work is very essential.


Many companies have come up with their own dress codes and exclusive attires for women employees. These dresses are important in imparting a professional and modern look to the women staff.


Gone are the days when women were confined to the four walls of the house and were expected to the household work only. Today there has been a drastic change in the way women are perceived today.


Dressing up Professionally


Women have made a remarkable contribution in practically every aspect of life-be it home, offices, hospitals, administration, politics, space, education, defense, etc. Just name any field and you have numerous renowned women scholars to count.


Working in corporate sector to earn a living has changed the entire outlook not only about them as individuals but also about their dressing.


Enlisted below are some of the valuable tips for working women to help them dress professionally:


Wear professional dress and ensure to stick to dress code, if any. Avoid dressing like a stranger in your informal clothes.


Chose light colors and avoid gaudy bright colors. Have a navy blue, gray and black in your wardrobe as these colors are imperative for your office meetings.


You can also wear a collared or straight jacket suit to have a fashionable and professional look.


Another important ‘must have’ is the white collared shirt. The white shirt is just the right thing with your office pants or skirt. This will make your look smart, elegant and at the same time makes you look thorough professional.


If you are wear skirt in office, choose a knee length skirt in medium to dark color. Avoid wearing a light colored skirt.


Wear suitable shoes and avoid high heels. Your shoes should be comfortable and should not make noise. The noise made by shoes is very irritating and disturbs the office atmosphere. Tic-tac shoes are a complete ‘no’ for you, so avoid them in the first place.


Wear minimum jewelry to your office. A finger ring, small ear studs, chain or a single bracelet should suffice your jewelry.


Keep in mind the above mentioned simple points while dressing up for your office and be sure to look elegant and professional.


Dress up nicely and walk elegantly. Happy working!


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