Look your Best: Dress Tips for Working Women during Monsoon!

Comfort Bhi, Style Bhi: Dress Tips for working women during Monsoon


  • How to feel comfy during Monsoon?
  • Dress Tips for working women, here is how you can slay

Monsoon season is finally here and it’s time to completely rework on our wardrobes. Whites, light colours and sheers have to be reserved for the winter and rain friendly clothes and accessories have to enter for the splashy season. As much as we love monsoon, it can also invite a plethora of problems for you. From taking care of your hair, skin to even thinking everyday what to wear at work can make you go nuts.  Here, we are another on dress tips for working women during monsoon.

To get the right tips, we reached out to a wardrobe expert, Ritu Khanna based in South Delhi. According to her,  working women should avoid whites and long trousers or skirts to look more professional and feel comfortable at work during the monsoon season. Without any further ado, let us look at the dress tips so that you can slay at work even during monsoon.

 1. Colours: You can beat the grey and dull weather with blues, reds and oranges. Avoid whites into the closet for a couple of months. Wearing white in the monsoon is certainly not a good idea as white clothes tend to get transparent when wet and get stained easily.  So one should opt for colours like blue, pink and red that will add elegance to your personality.

2. Trousers and skirts:Long trousers are a no-no as they get dirty on your way to work. If your workplace allows smart formal skirts are apt for the monsoon season.

3. Coats and jackets: You can team up your western attire with a trench coat or jacket to keep you warm during the chilly evening breeze.

4. Indian outfits: If you prefer a more traditional Indian outfit during monsoon season, then avoid salwars and patialas, but instead pick up a pair of short kurtis with leggings or churidars. Stay away from prints and fabric that tend to bleed when wet.

5. Footwear: Avoid sandals as they tend to squirt dirt back on you. Instead, choose jelly shoes, flats, floaters and any other sturdy footwear, which is also slip resistant.

6. Hair: Moist atmosphere outdoors can make your hair go frizzy. Tying your hair into a neat bun or a ponytail or a braid is a great way to keep it under control. This will also reduce hairfall and will keep your scalp clean.

7. Makeup: Waterproof kajal and eye-liner. You can go light on the foundation and if possible, avoid it. During monsoon heavy makeup is not a great idea.  To beat the humidity, do not apply make up at all.  But do not forget to apply sunscreen whenever you step out.

8. Umbrellas: Match your umbrellas with your clothing. When shopping for raincoats online, consider picking umbrellas that could be teamed up with those. This would help to bring uniformity in your look.

9. Waterproof backpack : During monsoon it is important to keep your phone and wallet safe. In that case, you can invest in a waterproof backpack.  You can carry your valuable items in your backpack.

Monsoon is the most awaited season by many as after facing severe heat, it brings relief for people all across the country. But monsoon also comes with problems of waterlogging and traffic jams. In that case, it is important to choose comfort over style. Choose comfy clothes and look your best during monsoon season.

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