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Dream VS Money: What will you prefer?

Dream VS Money: Pursue your dreams and feel the happiness! 

Monetary satisfaction is indeed very important. But chasing money all the time is something you should not do. Pursue your dreams, it will definitely give you immense happiness. Remember the Aamir Khan’s dialogue from 3 Idiots “Pyaar Kisi or se or Shaadi kisi aur se”! Well, guys Pyaar bhi passion se karo aur Shaadi bhi. Following your passion will give you immense satisfaction that in turn  will enhance your productivity automatically.

Here, are the following benefits that you should be aware of if you go with your passion instead of money!

1. Brain Chemicals: When you do things that you like, your brain secretes hormones like dopamine which makes you feel good, and makes you want to continue the work. It battles the stress you would feel and thus prevents burn out. Therefore, following passion helps to avoid burnout.

2. Immune System: When you are stressed, you tend to activate your sympathetic nervous system, which affects your immunity in the long run. This happens when you do something you don’t like, day in and day out.

3. Meaningfulness: The human mind searches for meaningfulness. When you do something that bores you, that you do not enjoy, it slowly fatigues the brain over time and makes you feel highly stressed. When you follow your passions, the opposite happens. You find it meaningful and therefore, your brain feels active. It will give you peace for sure.

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Dream VS Money
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4. Growth: Be it career related growth or personal growth, it will not happen if you do something you do not like or find boring. Growth will only happen if you feel invested in the task. Therefore, you should follow your passion and see yourself grown over time. Growth is really important.

5. People: If you love what you do, you tend to be open-minded and learn from other people around us. You want to absorb as much as you can from others and improve our skills. You also have better relationships when you are doing something you like.

6. Happiness; Perhaps the core reason why following your passion prevents burnout is because it makes you happy. When you are happy, you feel less pain and misery and get easily energized. As opposed to when you are not doing things you like, you feel more annoyed and irritated. Pursuing your passion will give you immense happiness.

7. Uniqueness: This is a very important factor. Your passion helps you to build your uniqueness. When you sharpen this uniqueness, you will feel very confident of yourselves, and at the same time, will have a good market value for your unique skills too!

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