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Double-game of Donald Trump exposed after bilateral meeting with Imran Khan

India should stop celebrating Donald Trump’s fake friendship

India celebrated the ‘Howdy Modi’ event across the country after the successful completion of event where more than 50,000 Indian- Americans were present.  The world saw a huge and successful event where leaders from the two biggest democracies came together. The Indian Media showed the Houston, Texas event with great pride and marked it as a diplomatic masterstroke for India.

The event was organized by Texas India forum (TIF) which brought Indian Prime Minister and USA President Donald Trump on the same stage. Indian media showed the event as if Donald Trump is on India’s side and Pakistan has taken a major jolt. The reality is very different from what you have been seeing so far.

The babbling Donald Trump lights up the Mediation fire again

Donald Trump after bilateral talks with Pakistani Prime Minister, during the press conference on Tuesday, made some worrying and uncomfortable comments.  He said that “I heard some very aggressive comments from Indian Prime Minister during the ‘Howdy Modi’ event at NRG ground in Houston, Texas. For the third time, he said that he can mediate between Pakistan and India on issues between the two countries. However, he also said that both the countries should come to an agreement, and then only mediation is possible. “I am a good mediator. I will mediate if there is assent from other side. I have very good relationships with both Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Imran Khan. I can be a very good arbitrator.” He also said that Imran Khan is a great leader and America will look to increase trade between both the countries. He added that previous Presidents have not been a friend of Pakistan but he is a good friend with Imran Khan.

We all know that how babbling Donald Trump’s comments are.  Less than 2 months ago he claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked him to do mediation between India and Pakistan. Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar then denied any sorts of authentication in Trump’s statement.

Donald Trump is known for making unusual comments and he couldn’t be trusted.  One day he favours India and other day he says that Indian Prime Minister was aggressive during his speech.

Donald Trump during the Houston event said that he is against the radical Islamic terrorism where he targeted Iraq, Iran and Pakistan but during the bilateral meeting, he contradicted himself by saying that he spoke it in the context of Iran and Iraq.

Donald trump didn’t come just because of friendship with Narendra Modi

There is no denying in this fact that his friendship with Indian Prime Minister wasn’t the only reason to visit the ‘Howdy Modi’ event. He came there to attract votes from thousands of Indian-American present at the event and millions others from other parts of America. According to a survey, there are about 40 lakhs Indian- American in the USA.  Even though, 30 lakhs people vote in the next election, just imagine how big impact it will make.

In the last Presidential election in 2016, only 29% of the Indian-American voted for Republican Party’s candidate Donald Trump while about 57% of them voted for Democrat Party’s candidate Hillary Clinton.

The 30th President of United States Calvin Coolidge once said that “The business of America is Business”. The56th United States Secretary of state once sais that “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests.

Why Donald Trump wants friendship with both India and Pakistan

We all know what America’s interest is with both countries. The presidential election is due next year in the US and Donald Trump in quest of getting the office seat for the second consecutive term is trying to pull moves. One of those moves is bringing the US soldiers to the USA who are deployed in Afghanistan. The USA needs help from Pakistan in doing so, that’s why America is calling Pakistan a great friend. Donald Trump wants to attract more voters by boasting that he brought the soldiers back from Afghanistan.

China is the second-largest economy in the world and is probably the biggest threat to America. To increase presence and dominance in Indo-Pacific region America needs India’s help.  The trade between both countries will also help the economy of both countries. India is importing defence equipment, Natural Gas and Oil from America.

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What if Donald Trump doesn’t win in 2020.

Donald Trump came to the ‘Howdy Modi’ event where both the leaders praised each other. The members of the Republic Party were happy as it would garner some votes for the Republican Party but the Democrat Party must have been pissed at the Indian Prime Minister as their votes will go down to the opponent.

If Donald Trump loses the election, it is not going to affect India, as the trade between both countries is getting stronger and stronger. However, the new American President might not gel well with the Pakistani Prime Minister.

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